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  1. Kepler I still do work on occasionally. It’s just taking a while because of my limited time, and the fact I’m trying to experiment with cloth sim for the foil normals. However I’m confident that I will finish Kepler for KSP1. As for Viking, there is a lot of work that needs to be done and it’s best that a project like that is saved for KSP2. Here is a pic of some of cloth sim normals on a section of the Kepler foil:
  2. Which one? First MORL I flew just has the GATV docking port inside the conical inset, nothing else. The second used a structural extension tube and an APAS 75.
  3. Tiny decal for the Space Technologies Laboratory (later TRW) logo that’s now on GitHub. This logo was on Pioneer 0-2, Pioneer 5, and Explorer 6. This decal also might foreshadow a few part revamps I’m currently working on… I also played around with MORL:
  4. This looks great!! can't wait to play with these parts! (first lol)
  5. I’ll look into this. The inline bottom/ogive top part was one of the things I still need to get in game.
  6. With the new delta blue paintjob, I decided to make my take on a totally normal "Delta II": It was able to put a 80t payload into a circular 500km orbit in KSRSS Reborn.
  7. Just to reiterate, we still got a lot planned for our first release. There’s a few things I’m currently working on. For the ET, I plan to add two more ET-derived tanks, an ET with an inline top and sts bottom, and an ET with an sts top and inline bottom. I also plan to add a bottom straight adapter with compatible raceway to make the ET compatible with generic mounts, an SLS-based engine mount derived from Benjee’s Artemis Construction Kit mod, and a delta blue tank paint job. I’m also doing some stuff with Photon Corp’s SRBs. Right now I’m working on some fixes, like general texture cleanup/compression reduction, adding emissive to the nozzles, and adding a switch for the avionics stripe. I also am working on parts for Athena III, a proposal that combines a 2.5 segment RSRM with the upper stages of Athena II. Fairing base is a placeholder in this image: Beyond that I’m also working on some parts for SRB-X, Heimdall (SRB-X from Boldly Going), ASRM, and Ares I. These parts are a little more far out but stay tuned!
  8. In light of more shuttle-related recent projects I am working on outside of BDB (and Benjee's new SLS mod), I have made a couple things relating to the Delta IV SOFI. The default variant now has slightly more color banding/weathering. There is also now a new darker weathered SOFI variant as seen below:
  9. The Spacehab I have been making for SOCK is almost done! It will be on the github soon. Screenshots feature SOCK Repainted, SOCK Recolored, Restock, and Tantares.
  10. (snip) I realize that I accidentally wrote a post intended for SOCK here by mistake. Moving post to there.
  11. Sadly not Galileo. But maybe one day. I’m referring to Voyager, which seems to be forever just on the horizon for me lol. Saw a cool Halley’s Comet Interceptor Mission proposal for the Voyager bus today, might be fun to do as well: and a slightly alternate version:
  12. Yes! Love stuff like this. Keep up the great work. But I seriously need to give y’all another large stack HGA antenna that isn’t pioneer 10/11’s. There’s one probe I have in mind
  13. Saturn IB is already massively buffed. It’s probably your ascent curve, I and many others have been able to replicate its missions with no issues. If you’re using mechjeb profiles, don’t. I’ve been able to eyeball ascent curves with not that much care and I’ve made it. I’ve tested on 2.5x KSRSS and I can on KSRSS reborn too but it shouldn’t produce any problems. However, could you tell me more about the docking issues you had? We’re aware there’s an issue with docking but it’s still not totally clear where it comes from or how can we resolve it. Any info from you or anyone else on this would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Alrighty, all Mariner 3-5 configs are complete. That means if there’s an issue with them, it’s something I missed.
  15. Already a feature. Similar to how coatl did it, the control point is built into the engine. Works better than it would if it was on the core IMO
  16. Mariner 3-5 is now on github (development branch) in an alpha stage! Parts should be balanced but descriptions/experiments aren't finished yet. Craft files are also on the github for those who need guidance on putting Mariner 3/4 and 5 together.
  17. Thanks! I tried a new technique for foiling here and I think it’s the best foil streaking I’ve done so far. I usually use mechjeb for aiming craft at the sun. Speaking of tracking, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here, but the Mariner 3/4 TV Camera tracks the body it orbits. So will the scan platforms of Mariner 6/7 and 8/9.
  18. Ok progress update on Mariner 3-5; we’re getting close! I’ve started the process of getting some parts in game, but so far I still have a lot to go. These are not on GitHub yet, as I still need to finish getting the parts in and do the configs. But I do have some pics!
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