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  1. I just did my own Apollo 17 in my 1/4 scale RSS playthrough, and I love how perfectly the new MOL communications dish fits as the LRV's antenna! Plus, by attaching it to a rotator from Infernal Robotics/Breaking Ground, you can make it turn! Here's the full album: https://imgur.com/gallery/xE9vyDd
  2. I’m loving the new Delta texture variants! I’m wondering I’m if you have any plans to add a variant to the Thor engine fairing; while the Thor engine fairing is quite similar to the Delta II’s, the Delta II’s fairings have some more greebles on the side, and a blue colored bottom. You did this with the old Delta II engine. Is this planned for the feature?
  3. I've always been a huge fan of that signature 'Delta blue' primer color of the Delta-II/Delta-III rockets', so because I was bored I went in GIMP and made myself a texture-switch for the LDC fuel tank parts so that I could fulfill my dreams of a blue Delta IV rocket! Pictured below is the Delta IV Medium, I might want to figure out a blue Delta IV Heavy rocket in the future, but this is good enough for me for now!
  4. Wow this mod looks absolutely amazing! I really liked the feel of playing GPP, but I also enjoy the iconic-ness of the stock solar system. This seems like the perfect planet pack as it not Wow this mod looks absolutely amazing! I really liked the feel of playing GPP, but I also enjoy the iconic-ness of the stock solar system. This seems like the perfect planet pack as it not only expands on the existing system like many planet packs do, but additionally enhances the feeling of the stock solar system to keep a feeling of familiarity while experiencing something new. The visuals look excellently done, I love the new looks of the stock planets(those Eve clouds tho! :0) and also the new planets too! I can't wait to play this on my next install once I finish my quarter scale RSS playthrough! I also noticed that you were able to allow breaking ground features to spawn on non-stock bodies in this planet pack. Once I saw that the biome/planet spawning of surface features was determined by the rocsdef.cfg file after installing breaking ground, I have made several attempts to make configs to allow features to spawn on non-stock bodies for my OPM and RSS playthroughs to no avail. I was quite surprised to see that you were able to figure that out, as I've only ever seen people modify the spawning of stock features on other stock features, and never a non-stock planet. How were you able to do that if you don't mind me asking? Anyways, absolutely amazing looking mod. I can't wait to play it! :3
  5. I’ve been playing KSRSS for a little bit and noticed two weird things. First of all, the KSC Switcher coordinates are off. Not only are the sites offset from their correct places, but also Kennedy Space Center appears to be underground for me. This is a minor issue as I’m able to remedy this easily by modifying the KSC configs. The other issue is somewhat harder for me to fix; it appears as if the ocean is too low/ground is too high. When taking off from Florida, I see many places are raised above the ocean where they are not supposed to be in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. I only have minor experience working with Kopernicus configs, but maybe it is due to the terrain height noise being high enough to raise pieces of land over the sea level? It’s worth noting that it only happens in small chunks of land in seemingly random places so it would make sense this is the cause. I was able to partially fix this error by raising the sea level, but I feel like if I just keep raising the sea level I might create other issues.
  6. Can’t wait to test this out! Also are the Russian variant parts that were being worked on in this version, or will that come out at a later time?
  7. I am simply amazed by this latest update. BDB has always been a MUST-HAVE in my mod list since I stumbled upon it quite a while ago, and I couldn’t even imagine how far it would come. The Titan parts are amazing alone, but going even farther with the MOL parts and Gemini space station parts, the Delta IV Heavy upper stage, and even Helios?? I don’t have the words to express my amazement. I’ve had KSP since 2013 and it’s always been a great motivator in my interest in space exploration. However, I truly believe what caused my interest in space to shift from fantasy to something more grounded in reality, inspiring me to apply to college to study aerospace engineering, was playing KSP with BDB. While that sounds like an exaggeration, the dedication and care put into this mod, all the details, all the greebles, was a real eye-opener in how far real space exploration has come over the decades, and it helped convinced me that one day I want to contribute to that journey. So overall, thanks for the amazing work! BDB is a real cornerstone of the KSP modding community!
  8. This mod is exactly what I was looking for! Now I can make the floating Eve base of my dreams!! I made this awesome airship with hooligan labs and airpark. I was surprised how smooth EVA’s and switching between ships were, especially with Eve’s gravity! Here are some pics: Now all that’s left is for me to find a mod that can let me make underwater bases on Laythe...
  9. I've been encountering a glitch with using Kopernicus planet packs with Spectra. I mainly use OPM, and I noticed that one of the planets, Ovok, looked like this: This planet is not supposed to look like Minmus. Many of the other planets' terrain also look like Moho, Laythe, and other stock planets. I'm pretty sure I narrowed down the bug to Kopernicus_terrain.cfg as this problem appears to go away when I remove it. I think it might be because Spectra alters the stock planets' terrain in some way, and as kopernicus planets are generally use the stock planets as templates as all the custom planets' terrain look like their stock template(Ovok looks like Minmus, Slate looks like Moho, etc.) Is there any solution to this problem other than removing Kopernicus_terrain.cfg as I really like the terrain modifications that this mod makes. Thanks!
  10. I’m really enjoying this mod! By far this is probably one of the best visual mods I’ve used of it’s type. However, I am getting some visual issues when I use OpenGL, DirectX9, or DirectX11. The errors I could see were most noticeable at Kerbin, especially by the KSC, where the grass would have these weird lines across them, and also on Eve’s atmosphere as seen from space. These issues only appear when I force OpenGL dx11 or dx9. Playing ksp normally will cause the glitch to go away. This glitch was mentioned on this forum before back in 2017, but the issue was resolved by switching from DX11 to DX9, which did not fix it for me. I can live without opengl, I was wondering if this can be fixed in any way so that I’ll be able to play with OpenGL. Thanks! As I’m also away from my computer till Sunday I can’t attach any pictures to show the glitch on my own game, but I did attach a picture from the previous user who reported the same visual glitch back in 2017.
  11. Wow I don’t know how I have not seen this mod till now. Sarvin looks awesome as hell and the first thing I’m gonna do when I get off work is download this mod and start making space station around it!
  12. Wow, I don’t know how I haven’t found this earlier! Such a great mod! I was looking for a lander exactly like this.
  13. I don’t know if this is a stupid question or not, but will the latest release work in 1.5.1? I understand there’s a previous release for 1.5 on the GitHub, but there are so many cool things you’ve added in the latest release. If it doesn’t work for 1.5, I guess I’ll just settle for the previous release and/or wait till I find enough time to update all my mods to work on 1.6. Great looking mod though!
  14. Thanks for everyone's hard work trying to get KJR up and running! I don't know how I would live without this mod. Anyway, I've been trying to get Lisias's fork working for a couple of days now with little success. I discovered that it was a mod conflict, as KJR would seemingly work just fine in stock KSP. After painstakingly sorting through my mods for hours, I discovered the mod Modular Flight Integrator first made KJR not work at all, and now KSP just won't start when its installed. Am I missing something obvious, or are these mods simply incompatible? They worked fine together on 1.4. EDIT: nvm, just installed things incorrectly, please ignore this!
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