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  1. Some progress on the Centaur II/III tank and fairing. Just started texturing so there's no normal, spec, weathering and a bunch of other stuff. But this shows a general idea of what is to come:
  2. My schedule is a little spotty but some time in the near future I will begin work on revamping Atlas V and later Centaur
  3. The long requested white S4B IU is now on github along with some texture fixes/updates to the IU and S4B engine mounts. Also new engine mount variant (late Saturn IB):
  4. Unfortunately, this was just an April fools joke Pioneer Venus was put on hiatus a long time ago. Not sure if anyone has the energy to finish it for now
  5. trust me... it's much, much, MUCH, farther than it looks. I tried to take a crack at it and after a day I gave up
  6. UPDATE Bluedog Design Bureau v1.10.0 "тролл" I'm excited to announce the BDB v1.10 update! Over the last two weeks I have been secretly working behind the scenes to make never before seen highly requested sets of parts! I tried my best to keep this under wraps to surprise everyone, I hope y'all enjoy this update!! Image credit: Araym DOWNLOAD [GitHub] DOWNLOAD [SpaceDock] v1.10.0 "тролл" New Content and Features - Saturn Nova Rocket - Pegasus Upper Stage (ETS) - Pioneer Venus (finally) - KH-11 - Big Apollo - Small Gemini - Bigger Gemini - Rogallo Gemini - Added Soyuz Parts - 15 new single part satellites that no one has ever heard of before - New delta blue paint variants for Saturn V parts Updates and Enhancements - 58 additional texture variants for agena to represent every single flown and unflown variant of Agena - A new, sorely needed science part called a "magnetometer"! BDB has never featured this sort of experiment and we are excited to feature one after all this time - All part descriptions and titles have been converted to the cyrillic alphabet for 'authenticity'. - All tags have been removed to encourage creativity and exploration of our parts. Good luck trying to make historical craft! - DDS compressed each texture file 3 times over to save 12 MB in file space. Hope you like your textures with a hefty side of green and purple pixels. Bug fixes - Removed Delta IV (it is not a true Delta) - Removed Herobrine
  7. Might not have mentioned it here, but I actually have been planning to totally redo Atlas V/later centaur. Not sure when this is gonna start but I’ll likely be my next big project. also, extremely WIP, but I’m making a shuttle-blanket inspired/modern style texture variant for the CM: no normals yet.
  8. I've always been able to make it work with early engine configs. Which planet pack are you using?
  9. Nah, its on my end I think. Pretty sure I know what I did wrong. A fix will be up some point today
  10. The late Saturn I Instrument Unit (block II) used on SA-8 through SA-10 (pegasus missions) is now available (as a switch of the default S4 IU) on github, along with the science definition for the pegasus micrometeorite experiment. This means content for Pegasus is officially complete! (besides any misc bug that might appear lol)
  11. There is now a Apollo CM Boilerplate part for Saturn 1 missions. Better that then sending a shiny expensive Block II CSM up on a test mission!!!! (EDIT: Some texture fixes are likely to come tomorrow)
  12. Im 98% sure Agena parts should be fine. All I have done is a couple slight texture changes, a part addition, and adding a variant to the avionics and tank. These are pretty small changes that shouldn't effect existing craft or craft files. I'm pretty sure I added one at the beginning of yesterday. Is it not working or do you just not have the latest version?
  13. As the old apollo parts were removed there definitely could be some issues if you used any of the old Apollo/Saturn parts in your save. Craft files will definitely be broken. I do not recall if all the new parts use the same names as their previous counterparts, but if they don’t that will lead to any active spacecraft w/ missing old Apollo/Saturn parts to disappear. But if you can handle that and old craft files not working, I don’t think there would be any other issues. Despite this, the new parts are pretty awesome, and I really recommend trying them out.
  14. Ah yea, the Apollo revamp is on GitHub under the Apollo Branch. Lot of cool Apollo/Saturn/Lunar stuff to play with!
  15. Hmm… not sure. The problem is that the attach is different on 3 different variations of Agena. On Agena B it’s a single on the back center of the main tank. On Agena D it’s 2 mirrored on the back of the avionics each 35-40 degrees from the center. On GATV it’s on the materials bay. It would be a little infeasible to add nodes for three separate parts. It’s not a really *essential* part for Agena, as it can function without it, but for those who want it, it can be used. For all Agena D, it’s pretty easy to line up where to place it, it’s height corresponds with the avionics unit, and it’s mirrored on the back (the white side of split avionics unit) between 30-45 degrees apart.
  16. Ah, thats right, hadn’t though of that. I’ll look into a solution for this. I don’t think it would be able to be on my end though. No worries, reply above made me recall that the Agena TU mod depends on Agena switches
  17. Uhhh? Somethings definitely not right with your switches. There should be a lot more than 3 possible switches. Do you have a mod that modifies your agena switches?
  18. The Agena split paint variant (the historical configuration for most Agena D flights) is now on github for the tank and the avionics, along with the horizon sensor. Additionally, Agena B's tank mesh used to have the sensor shroud built into it, it is now removed to allow the horizon sensor to be placed where it should be. With the sensor, it is aesthetically identical to how it used to be at launch. The attach is a little janky on the horizon sensor and I will fix it tomorrow.
  19. Was fiddling around and making a small part for Agena, its horizon sensor. It's a little hard to see, but it's the pair of "bulges" on the sides of the Agena D Avionics as seen here: These flew on every Agena D mission. Also it seems like pretty much every Agena D mission had half of its avionics unit painted white? this will likely be coming in the near future. Anyways, those little greebles (one of which is already seen in the BDB Agena B tank mesh) are aerodynamic shrouds which were jettisoned in flight to reveal the horizon scanners. Here's what I have so far: Will have a white, black, and metal variant. Will also sort out compatibility with Agena B later.
  20. Oh, didn’t see that issue. I’d actually like to look into that more, I’ll leave a response under the issue
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