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  1. A couple small things today I made while distracting myself from balancing Pegasus: Turns out S4 had red paint on its ullage motors so I made a quick variant for them. Additionally, I came across some old texture variant stuff I made for the GATV materials bay and ATDA battery which I never used, so I cleaned them up and made variants for them.
  2. There are no current plans to make Vela, but I mean it’s not a probe that would be “outside of the scope of BDB” but just something there isn’t much of an interest in doing. There isn’t a special urge to make payloads for Titan as we already have a few canonical Titan satellite payloads (IDCSP, Helios (which may be revamped in future), and Clementine). I also feel I have made an over abundance of obscure single part small satellites in recent history, so I probably should take a step back from that for a while In other news, Pegasus is just around the corner:
  3. Correct. Technically speaking, the mass distribution and shape of the satellite would likely cause it to become semi gravity gradient stabilized, but I am unsure to what extent. I thought about doing some other parts utilizing the mesh for the Pegasus MM Panels, but I'm pretty burnt out on Pegasus and the texture sheet is pretty much full so if I do any alternate stuff with it, it will be later.
  4. Pegasus Micrometeorite Satellite built out of an S-IV. Launched on Saturn I w/ Apollo Boilerplates. Designed to study meteorite impacts, the big panels are mm detectors.
  5. Really getting there with Pegasus. Just starting to texture: I used the jettisonable fairing while testing? As this is the actual version used in the mission. I am not sure if the drag issues were totally fixed, but I know Zorg made a couple tweaks. I'll test it again tomorrow
  6. I'm not sure what's going on then since that's what I tested my Saturn IB ASTP on. I flew it manually though
  7. Yea, I made the black adapter for Pegasus/Apollo Boilerplates, but I also made it so it can be used with the proper CSM. The extension toggle on it was intended to give extra clearance for the SM's engine if a real SM was being used (as I believe the SM engine clips into the S4 IU). As for a white block 3 SM, I will probably make one sooner or later.
  8. Apologies, forgot a bracket in the cfg. Made a fix to the SIB Fin (and a couple other cfg fixes to the Saturn I parts while I was at it). Should be good now
  9. Pretty much all of the generic BDB fairing bases had 3 paint switches: white, black, and gray (metal). However the generic 2.5m fairing base did not. As the white base did not look the best while using the SIV fairing and the black SA-6 textures for SIV, I wanted to make paint switches for this fairing base. Unfortunately, it did not have its own texture and shared a texture with the 2.5m DCSS interstage. So, to make the rest of the texture space useful, I also made blue and green paint variants for the 2.5m DCSS interstage. Now on github!
  10. Wow, those are some seriously awesome pics!! Every set of screenshots you post always seems to raise the bar
  11. Interesting idea. Currently the AO is baked as if it was in the SLA, but it is possible I can modify this. I will have to think about this
  12. Voyager will be made some time in the future. I have a couple more probes on the horizon (finishing Kepler, Mariner 3-5, and Landsat 1-3) but beyond that I don't have anything concrete. At some point I will also revamp Helios. No idea when any of this will happen. There are plans at all for Viking. I don't think we'd make this in the future as well, as it was a test payload. It was also launched with the Viking Dynamic Simulator which we also will not be doing. However, I do think that the IIIE fairing base has a variant for the Spinx launch (part of the base is gold colored). Anyways, the ASTP S-IVB Payload truss is now on github (as part of the SLA part)!
  13. Been working on a joint project between Bluedog Design Bureau and Tantares, a revamp for APAS 75 for the Apollo Soyuz Test Project. Coming soon!
  14. Ok, an ALPHA version of the APAS 75 docking port is on github. Might be pretty buggy so use at your own risk. I have yet to finish the Soyuz specific variant for Tantares.
  15. Some more progress on APAS 75: I will start texturing it soon. Soyuz Version that will be featured in Tantares:
  16. Love Animusic. Totally forgot it existed. Also, I am giving into peer pressure and making a little something for ASTP: Might make its way into Tantares as well. Wow, those are some really amazing screenshots! Love the Nimbus derived probe. Don't know if I said it here but Landsat 1-3 parts will be made in the near future.
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