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  1. Works fine for me? I included pictures on how it's supposed to look: Without adapter and Star-37: With adapter and Star-37:
  2. Pioneer config work is finished. All experiments, descriptions, etc should be totally finished now. If there are any problems, please let me know. The more people that test out the parts, the closer we’ll be to a release. These fixes are also merged into the GitHub Apollo branch, so you will be able to test this stuff even if you want to keep the Apollo parts in your game.
  3. Typically science definitions are independent from ScanSat, as scansat applies directly to the part, and are not tied to certain science modules. So I guess that yes, the experiment would be compatible with ScanSat. In terms of the parts themselves, I am unsure if the Skylab Multispectral Scanner or the Pioneer SUAE proposal Multispectral Imager have ScanSat capabilites at the moment. In terms of whether or not they will, the Pioneer Multispectral Imager certainly will, as it should be able to be used for mapping. I am unsure if the Skylab Multispectral Scanner will, I will need to read more into the purpose it was used for and if it was relevant to mapping. However, I am pretty sure it will, but not 100% sure.
  4. Just finished a new science definition for multispectral imagery/scanning. Spent way too much time on it lol. There’s a ton of stuff focused on Earth/Kerbin based remote sensing for weather/environment, but plenty also on planetary exploration. So far the only part that has it is the Skylab multispectral scanner but soon the Pioneer Multispectral imager will have it as well. Includes support for KSRSS planets.
  5. Could you make an issue post on GitHub when you have the time so I don’t forget to come back to this?
  6. Honestly I can't make out much of what you're refering to here. Everything I see in this pic is in game and accurate. There's the KH8-Agena conical adapter, and then theres a new structural part that was just added that would go in between the KH8/Agena Adapter and the Titan 2/3 Second Stage (without the titan 3 extension as a toggleable raceway is built into the new structural adapter)
  7. I've been making progress on cleaning up a lot of the textures for Titan. I did most of the legwork the last time I touched up the titan textures (several months ago) but I am finishing off some things I didn't get around to last time (especially the UA120 motors and titan IV): I also redid the Titan 23G/IIIB structural piece and 23G second stage texture: I’m proud of how the 23G adapter turned out and I think it really goes well with the new 23G second stage texture. Always happy to do stuff for 23G as it’s one of the most underrated/coolest Titans imo.
  8. I recently revamped LDC about a week ago or so. Should be in the master branch. They’re pretty compatible with the newer stuff now.
  9. Almost finished updating the textures for Peacekeeper/Athena II/Minotaur IV/V to a more current standard of BDB original new
  10. Now that you mention it probably not. There is a possibility that there will be more parts for Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in the future In other news: service module variants! I have all the textures completed but the reason they are not released yet is because I am going to figure out if there is a way to combine two variants per texture sheet since the service module texture is a massive 2K sheet. So far there are four variants: Fictional white Apollo: Apollo 7: Skylab Apollo: The last variant (which is not directly seen here) is the ASTP Apollo. It is very similar to the Skylab variant. The CM is the default bare metal and the service module is the same as Skylab's except the SIM bay cover has no paint on it, unlike Skylab's. Not sure when these will get in game but probably in the near future. In the mean time, I made small modifications/fixes to the current SM texture. A few errors have been fixed and the DDS compression on the SM might appear to be less severe/noticable.
  11. Firstly, the boilerplate texture is mainly intended to just be a cool paint variant for the CM since I always liked the style. Technically, that type of boilerplate was never even flown on a Saturn, it was dropped from a helicopter (iirc). The boiler plates that flown on Saturn I were painted white. Secondly, when you do Saturn I boilerplates you will likely need to construct the full Apollo (heat shield and all). This is because the boilerplate CM’s weighed around the same as the actual CM. While they weren’t proper CM’s and often had ballast to increase the weight, we don’t have any plans to add in any proper boilerplate specific parts for the CM (there will be a boilerplate SM for Pegasus) so the boilerplate stuff *does* include heat shields and such.
  12. you were saying? (sadly this was made before I had the proper new adapters installed, but still)
  13. I believe while the bus is not exactly the same, they are similar sizes and share many internal components. They are both designed by John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.
  14. As a spur of the moment thing, I decided to quickly do Beacon Explorer (Explorer S66, Explorer 22, Explorer 27) as it only required one part, as its bus and solar panels are just Transit 5's. Based on this guy: Still figuring out what experiment to give it.
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