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  1. Is this mod compatible to mods that actively alter orbits of the bodies and vessels? I intend to use it together with Principia
  2. Hey folks, Thank you so much for your effort. Virtually everything I was ever hoping to have in KSP is either done or in the backlog. I'm planning to do my own realistic-ish trinary stellar system, using α Centauri ABC as a real-life counterpart - I think it may bring some interesting dynamics with it, including highly chaotic trajectories, hyperbolic transfers between subsystems, etc. That's why I have a couple questions. 1. Do you move the Sun or is its position fixed? 2. Does Principia work good with large distances? I intend to place the farthest companion star at some 8'700 au from the barycenter of the other two. If it's unsupported, maybe there're any known workarounds? 3. (Not related to the trinary project) Is anyone currently working on station-keeping? If no, I will probably implement some frequent use cases over the next couple months and send as a PR. 4. I tried Principia on my laptop, and it doesn't work as fast as the first post says it should. To be specific, in stock KSP with no other mods and with the only vessel launched, 10'000x timewarp runs smoothly, but 100'000x looks like 20'000x, and the UI is lagging. Given that I'm using the top model MacBook (the one with core i9), I'm surprised. Should I file a bug or the MacOS performance is not prioritized? Sorry if there were answers to these questions in the posts above, I'm reading through these, but at the moment only on the 15/53 pages.
  3. So, AFAIU, I'm safe below 1100 K and if the angle between my velocity and link direction is less than 45 deg. Great, thanks!
  4. TL;DR: Is there any kind of formula which allows to calculate whether I'll have a plasma blackout on a given altitude (or atmospheric pressure) and speed? Hey folks, I'm planning a scientific mission to Laythe to gather as much data as possible (so I plan to visit all biomes with one vehicle). Given that Laythe has an oxygen-rich atmosphere, I don't want to wait multiple hours to travel through half a planet, and I will probably have to land on small spots of hilly terrain as well as in see, the obvious choice is to build a hypersonic plane with vertical takeoff and landing with a tiny mining rig onboard. Unmanned, for the sake of realism. Flying with J-X4 Whiplash on 4 Machs and 25-30 km altitude looks good. The problem is that sometimes my plane encounters plasma blackout, with consequent loss of control. I try preventing that by flying higher and slower. How can I check that I'm safe on a given altitude and speed? I tried experimenting, and the results look inconclusive: I experience blackout at 830 m/s, but a couple minutes later I fly normally at 1350 m/s, at a lower altitude.
  5. Maybe it's a stupid question, but how do I install this mod? The download links from GitHub show HTTP 404. I use MacOS Mojave and would prefer using the latest version of KSP.
  6. Great, thanks for the answers! Really non-clear behaviour
  7. Guys, I have a problem. I built a minimum possible rover on motorized wheels, but for some reason it does not move. When I press W or S I see the wheels rotating, but the rover stays at the same place. Brakes are off. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?
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