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  1. I guess I have been mistaken. I thought the stock game with no mods showed the planet list on the left in tracking station. If it is good then i am terribly sorry for wasting your time and I thank you for your feed back.
  2. Sorry Google Drive Is being crazy. Here is an imjur link Tracking Station.
  3. First off I want to say how much I really enjoy this mod and how much it improves my gameplay. Thanks so much for the hard work you guys do to bring mods like this. In saying this I was hoping there is someone in this thread that can help me with an issue I have been fighting for sometime now and can not trace down the cause. Details: Kerbal Version: 1.2.2 Major Mods: RSS/RO/RP-0/RSSVE all the required mods. Several others that may or may not apply. Issue: All appears to run well with the exception of my Tracking Station where I do not get the planet list on the left. It will however list asteroids I am tracking and any other craft I have in orbit. I was hoping with review of the data below someone could assist me to figure this out. Logs: Output log - OutPut Log KSP Log - KSP Log ScreenShot of the condition - Screenshot Any help Is much appreciated. Thanks for all your work for our community.
  4. Wow I so missed that one, Thanks for the prompt response.
  5. I watched a gentleman on youtube enjoying your mod and I noticed that he had renamed the action groups AG1, AG2 etc on the panels to reflect what they are assigned to, like Front Docking Port as an example and in iva it listed that near ag1 button. Anyone know how he did this?, because I sure love the emersion and want to do the same.