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  1. ATTENTION! The Turn Based Kerbal War is starting! We will be using KSP 1.8.1 and we will keep the game mostly stock with the exception of these mods below! HYPEREDIT TWEAK SCALE MECHJEB Any visual enhancing mod Please do not use: Any mods that add other parts Any mods that add weapons Thank you! Join the discord link above to get in the action
  2. Hello! The discord server has been finished! https://discord.gg/d5R2K4S Feel free to post pictures of crafts that you will use. If you want me to make other channels I will all you have to do is ask. For all of you that are in the war itself. I will post updates on when the first turn will happen at a later date.
  3. There's this new feature on chromebooks that let's you access the linux terminal and the shell itself. Right now it's in beta and sometimes it crashes...anyway I downloaded KSP 1.3.1 and lowered the graphics all the way so it would run. I opened KSP by running this command: ./KSP_linux/KSP.x86_64 It should open, but yeah that's how I did it.
  4. New update thingy Mods allowed: Hyperedit Tweak scale Mechjeb What a turn can be consisted of: Firing a weapon (Small missiles 3 times, medium missiles 2 times, and large missiles 1 time) Moving to the target. Max movement of 3 of the 5 actions listed (Orbit, suborbit, landing, moving on the ground 10 KM, and moving through the air 20 KM) Setting up something, note this ends your whole turn (Setting up an ambush, building a base ETC) Bonus stuff: All these can be repeated to make a total of 5 turns inside of one turn. Also, hyperedit can be used to set up bases, fighters in a space battle or even supply runs. You cannot hyperedit closer to an enemy but you can hyperedit up to 25 meters to an enemy base. You can however hyperedit to rondevu to an enemy up to 50 meters away but you must manually get closer to them. This means you can hyperedit anywhere except to get closer to an enemy that you are already within range of.
  5. Ok, that'll work a lot better. Thanks Lapis!
  6. Ok, here's an update about the whole situation. First, I will not be able to host a DMP server for the war itself. However, if anyone is able to host it that would be great. Second, I would love to use BDarmory however, I would prefer it to be stock but it really depends how you all feel about it. Third, we are going to keep this war in KSP 1.3.1 just because I'm running everything on my itty-bitty chromebook and the newer versions of KSP absolutely fry my poor chromebook. (Poor chromebook) Overview: KSP 1.3.1 will be the version we are using DMP and BDarmory is optional and will be implemented with a vote Bonus: I'm almost done setting up the Discord server so stay tuned!
  7. Yes! You can join! If you want, you can PM me your discord. I don't have the server setup yet
  8. Yeah, I'll take a look at that. I'll also put you in a blank spot.
  9. We always have room! It is a 1v1 type battle if that effects anything you want to do. Do you want me to put in a spot?
  10. Thank you so much for replying to my post! Really appreciate it! I'll see what I can do with BD Armory, I might add it actually I've been thinking about it for a while, I'll edit the post soon so I can update the rules. So glad you are willing to join!
  11. Bought my amazing chromebook four months ago running KSP pretty well lol (20 FPS or something like that)