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  1. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I upgraded my game from 1.4.5 to 1.9.1. I love the upgrade but odd thing happened. I had a fleet of 5 ships headed to Duna. After the upgrade one of them was no longer there. A quick search found the missing ship, about 90 degrees out of phase in its transfer orbit, no longer with a Duna interception. It's like it was launched 3 months later than the rest of the fleet. I played around with manuveur nodes to see what I could do with it.. intercept Duna again or return to Kerbin but it was so out of place, would have been years before an intercept would happen. I did go to the cheat menu and brought it into orbit of Duna where they'll wait until the rest of the fleet shows up.
  2. I had upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.9.1 the effect of which on some of my landed vehicles to be catastrophic. I had a miner/ISRU combo sitting on Ike from before upgrade. I went to it for the first time since upgrading and BOOM! It exploded and left a mess... and engineer Neddun is now stranded... I have less than a year before I get into a good transfer window so he's gonna have to wait a while before he can rescued.
  3. I find I build my rocket, then add two boosters and away I go! Easy to add and stage and gets me into orbit with some dv to spare.
  4. Learned F4 toggles target/distance indicator.. docking now may commence!
  5. That fixed it... didn't know about F4 toggle... problem solved! Thanks mucho!
  6. Running KSP 1.9.1 on Linux Mint Mods: KER, KAC, NavBall Docking Alignment Indicator, Precise Maneuver, Transfer Window Planner, WayPoint Manager Just upgraded to 1.9.1 and everything seemed to be working just find. However, When I have a target selected for docking, as I approach, I don't have any indication of where my target is. Used to having the brackets [ ] and a distance i.e. 650m show in view. Right now nothing, and only can see my target ship if I manage to get with 200m or so. NavBall looks good so I can kinda get there but with no distance reference, makes it really difficult to judge approach speed. Is there a setting I need to adjust?
  7. I had the problem with my Minmus lander where, whenever another craft came within physics range, 2.3 km.. it would leap up and crash. Had something to do with how landed objects sat on/slightly below the actual surface and would create stability issues.. World Stabilizer mod didn't help so waited until 1.9.1 was released to upgrade.
  8. Upgraded to KSP 1.9.1 and then upgraded mods and then some UI adjustments that didn't transfer over. Test run and my Minmus lander doesn't leap off the surface anymore. Yippee!!! Seems to run smoother.. the stutter every 5 seconds is gone too!
  9. Had a manned/kerballed spacecraft achieve Duna orbit for the first time! Setting up Valentina to be the first Kerbal to set foot upon Duna. Will have to practice landing on Duna as I doubt I can do it successfully the first few times. Have scanned ore sites so I can set up a drill and refinery to produce fuel.
  10. Well.. I'll save my original install and see what happens when in 1.8.1, with fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks for the info... I only use a few mods so ti shouldn't be difficult.. KER, KAC, Docking Alignment tool and Science.
  12. So going to bite the bullet and upgrade my game. Presently running 1.4.5 on a Linux machine... runs fine... some stuttering which I believe is from Unity as others have reported but no issues playing. Anyway... always a little apprehensive that I'm going to destroy my current career game or ruin something so. What folders/files should I copy and backup in case of upgrade/install fail? TIA
  13. I've follow Scott Manley's and others way of launching and gravity turn. 1.5 TWR at liftoff. At 100 m/s tip over 10 degrees east and let the prograde marker catch up. Then lock prograde and let it go. At 10 km altitude, should be about 67 degrees... at 20km 45 degrees. then slowly throttle back to maintain 45 secs to Ap... until you are at the lowest throttle setting at which point, about 60 km, you let the time to Ap run out all it wants. When you hit your target Ap, coast and circularize.