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  1. Best tutorial I have seen... taught me how and now it's pretty easy.. Illustrated Guide to Docking
  2. Presently in a good transfer window for Duna so, sending over scanners, ore refineries and other odds ends prior to the invasion... I mean scientific study! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, forgot to deploy solar panels on one of my payloads... ship is dead in a highly eccentric orbit around Kerbin. Deciding whether to send up something cheap to intercept and revive or just say ehhh... and relaunch a new one.
  3. This was the guide that got me thru rendezvous and docking. Learning the NavBall is key... get that down and docking becomes easy. Illustarted Guide to Docking
  4. I time the launch to be close... lower altitude and behind.. get into a stable orbit, adjust inclination if needed, then burn to rendezvous.
  5. I'm running 1.4.3... about 5 mods. It's challenging and fun as it is. Just started my first mission to Duna as the transfer window is prime right now. I'll stay with this, it runs stable on my laptop, with an extra cooling fan pad. Afraid if I up grade anything it'll just lockup 2 minutes in.
  6. Once I switched to a grain free diet, veggies suddenly taste delicious to me. Bring on the broccolli!
  7. Just got back from a week in the Cayman Islands scuba diving... guess we timed that just right.. flew thru Ft Lauderdale the other day. Hope all my Fla peeps are safe this weekend.
  8. This is what got me thru docking... now I can dock in my sleep. It does a great job explaining the nav ball symbols and how to use them. Illustrated Guide to Docking
  9. There is a thread in the Tutorials section that I used to unlock the entire tree in six missions. Takes time of course but much faster that trying to do it piecemeal in a dozen or so missions. Sci Tree in 6 missions
  10. Before I read the description I thought it looked like a camera too.
  11. Some good tips there. The one thing that got me over the hump was learning the navball. This page has a great explanation. Illustrated Guide to Docking
  12. I had this exact problem... built a station to go into Minmus orbit.. one parameter was 6,000 units of fuel. Instead of dragging the fuel with me from Kerbin, I fueled the station form my mining base on Minmus. Once I docked to transfer fuel, it messed up the contract. I met the parameters, undocked, then ALT-F12'd it.
  13. Made the mistake of fast forward as I was approaching another craft for a rescue mission.... didn't slow to normal speed in time to turn my ship around and fire retrograde... BAM!!! Nice explosion and spray of parts!
  14. After my sats to Duna ran out of fuel... used "infinite fuel" to finish the contract. So, did my first test launch to Duna using the NERV engine as 3rd/interplanetary stage. Wow does that use a lot less fuel... haven't arrived at Duna yet but judging by eye, I could probably take half the fuel and still easily get into Duna orbit. Yay me!
  15. Not a big facepalm but, recovered a module in Minmus orbit with a Klaw. Went to prograde for Kerbin and whoop.. out of control. Forgot to "Control From Here" back on the capsule... thank you quicksave