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  1. My wife is cursed with all things technical. Anything with batteries dies quickly. I upgraded to a new computer and gave her my old one. 3 months later it has all sorts of issues with graphics drivers. Even after I fix it, it constantly locks up. Got her a new phone... she drops and broke her old one... setup seems to run fine. Nope! Some of her music doesn't play and her contact list is incomplete. Never ends. /rant off
  2. Definitely my first successful Mun landing. Whoohoo!!!
  3. Finally thru the worst of it... is this the disaster that finally wakes people up? Sadly I fear, this will soon all be forgotten and we'll just back to struggling with CoVid.
  4. I have been fortunate to see Chick Corea play a couple of times, with Return to Forever. Incredible musician!
  5. I'm north of you... one of the lucky few as we never lost power... probably because were near two large hospitals and several medical centers. Haven't been in cold like this since I left NY. Happy to set home, ride the exercise bike and play Kerbal.
  6. My phone suddenly decided it will no longer take pictures. It will in Safe Mode but not normal boot up. Deleted all the apps that use the camera... nada. Sigh. My wife says.. just get a new phone... that ones like 4 years old! Mine is still holding after 28 years... Never really considered the issue of the screw coming out.
  7. Just the last 10 years we rode out Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy in New York and then Hurricane Harvey in Houston. Haven't been hit by a tornado but have been close.... In Oklahoma City back in 1987, Austin Texas back in 2015... and saw a beautiful water spout in the Cayman Islands a few years ago.
  8. I have to use right-shift and F12.. it's a Linux thing
  9. I have occasionally happen in 1.9.1. Usually clearing the two pop up windows and then reselecting the two tanks fixes the problem.
  10. And the new name for the Washington DC franchise... The Washington Football Team. <crickets>
  11. OBS is Linux also.. awesome... had to do a little upgrading first. OBS requires OpenGL v3.30 or higher. Linux Mint 20 installed.... v3.29... easy enough... Have a NVidia GeForce GTX installed.. now OpenGL 4.60. Will play with it later.
  12. Suggestion for Linux based machines? Running Linux Mint 20 on a new laptop.. Asus Nitro 5.
  13. Wow.. and so much nicer... moved up from a Dell Inspiron15 with 8 GB Ram, Ryzen 5 and on board graphics to an Acer Nitro 5, 17" display 1960x1080, 16 GB RAM Intel i5 9th Gen and 500 GB SSD. Loads in about 10% of the time, graphics are phenomenal... gonna have to play with the settings later after dinner.
  14. Just loaded Linux onto a new laptop... copied my whole KSP folder over to this new computer, but when I try to launch the game using KSP.x86_64 executable which my old Linux computer used, I get the message, "The file KSP.x86_64 has no known programs associated with it. Use the Open With dialog to pick a program to open it with. What did I miss?
  15. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I upgraded my game from 1.4.5 to 1.9.1. I love the upgrade but odd thing happened. I had a fleet of 5 ships headed to Duna. After the upgrade one of them was no longer there. A quick search found the missing ship, about 90 degrees out of phase in its transfer orbit, no longer with a Duna interception. It's like it was launched 3 months later than the rest of the fleet. I played around with manuveur nodes to see what I could do with it.. intercept Duna again or return to Kerbin but it was so out of place, would have been years before an intercept would happen. I did go to the cheat menu and brought it into orbit of Duna where they'll wait until the rest of the fleet shows up.
  16. I had upgraded from 1.5.1 to 1.9.1 the effect of which on some of my landed vehicles to be catastrophic. I had a miner/ISRU combo sitting on Ike from before upgrade. I went to it for the first time since upgrading and BOOM! It exploded and left a mess... and engineer Neddun is now stranded... I have less than a year before I get into a good transfer window so he's gonna have to wait a while before he can rescued.
  17. I find I build my rocket, then add two boosters and away I go! Easy to add and stage and gets me into orbit with some dv to spare.
  18. Learned F4 toggles target/distance indicator.. docking now may commence!
  19. That fixed it... didn't know about F4 toggle... problem solved! Thanks mucho!
  20. Running KSP 1.9.1 on Linux Mint Mods: KER, KAC, NavBall Docking Alignment Indicator, Precise Maneuver, Transfer Window Planner, WayPoint Manager Just upgraded to 1.9.1 and everything seemed to be working just find. However, When I have a target selected for docking, as I approach, I don't have any indication of where my target is. Used to having the brackets [ ] and a distance i.e. 650m show in view. Right now nothing, and only can see my target ship if I manage to get with 200m or so. NavBall looks good so I can kinda get there but with no distance reference, makes it really difficult to judge approach speed. Is there a setting I need to adjust?
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