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  1. cool to watch other guys start off prop building and not use fairing props. Reliability is a problem everyone faces and everyone gets it fixed differently. Holiday used thicker bearings so they reset themselves when power comes off, i used more bearings and jon used a thicker rotor bearing On a different note, i should really rebuild my B-26 oh wait i did.
  2. Always good to have more builders, especially small engine builders, they're my favorite to run because they're so simple and you can see the prop in most cases
  3. i dont even remember how many parts there are now, but the craft is almost a megabyte in size. and achieves a max speed of 55 m/s, with an abhorrent glide slope but hey it's done
  4. getting back to stock props now, only 381 parts at 15 tons soooo not great, not terrible, just like 3.6R edit : this is where i'm calling it for tonight, tomorrow i build some 3d wings
  5. i love it. i love it so much in other news, stock mechanics, i have made a transmission.
  6. I finally got the gosh darn servos to cooperate, so it's ready to upload as soon as i take more pics
  7. so here's one reason i should not be allowed to use the DLC
  8. if you want to make mechanical things in 2 hours rather than 4 yeah it's pretty nice
  9. just needs a few junos for VTOL. flies pretty well.
  10. starting to look more and more like a car
  11. so it turns out 1:1 scale cars are tiny your clue as to what kind of care this will be, is "steve irwin"
  12. So It's pretty simple, land in the fake pool in the KSC, Without rolling in. Easy mode : just land in the hole. Medium mode : No air brakes or flaps. Hard mode : stock prop with no flaps or brakes or seperatrons. Challenge mode : no landing gear (rover wheels included), it doesnt have to be a prop or be able to lift out afterwards, that's just ridiculous. Just to show it is possible with every restriction, here's my submission.