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  1. i'm not dead im just bored been working on a flag remaster of my B-24 for a bit, goin pretty well
  2. please help me i'm building an entire plane bit by bit oh and the engine's exhausts will fire in the correct firing order, as if i didnt have enough work already
  3. Test Pilot Review: @Rocket_man1234's K-400 of C-7 Aerospace (Flight incident report 0513996) Figures as Tested: Price: 36,343,000 Fuel: 520 units Cruising speed: 250 - 268m/s Cruising altitude: 4km Fuel burn rate: avg 0.02 Range: 6968km Review Notes: The boys in the shop were happy to hear a familiar name, they've been working on the smaller K-300s in our fleet and gathered around like kids in a candy shop. The Combined powerplant had them concerned over maintenance costs for large-scale operations but that remains to be seen. O
  4. On today's episode of Cars Take Forever the Ford GT40, with 41/2 hours on the clock
  5. right on the money. the santa cruz is a recon plane that has both floats and wheels. it runs off of hydrogen, which is convenient when your world is mostly ocean like in that universe
  6. some more progress today still no guesses as to the name? well, i guess the pilot's name is charles karino if that helps you guys at all this'll probably be one of the planes i consider my best work, providing i dont screw it up and get it to work
  7. Hey I haven't heard from you in a hot minute so i had the boys in the garage whip something up you might like. 'course i dont use tweakscale so it's not quite your style regardless, here is The Ripper 1 turns on the fuel cells and you're ready to rock. there's more than enough space for maybe even 6 junos in the back. https://imgur.com/a/jn4XFI4 ^ Pictures https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/633747867340636170/690396976826679336/Ripper.craft ^ file
  8. same, i think i'll make a gambler 500 car out of one of my muscle cars to do it in style!
  9. sad to say, no, it's a bit more weebish than that. the title is actually hidden in the funky writing if you want to find it. if you do find it, i highly suggest watching it
  10. A certain aircraft, made from the Recollections of a certain Pilot, probably with a certain princess in the gunner's seat. with a certain custom interior and heavy use of grip pads. this one's ambitious lads i'm goin all out for it
  11. I second that! but we all know the real reason im commenting, to get the 11,000th reply to this thread
  12. in case you're unfamiliar with HolidaytheLeek's Forever war story, i highly recommend you check out his, xenome's squiddy's, apple and my own original craft on kerbalX, i highly suggest you do, we have a lot more planned for it, but for now, these two are what are going up soon, this long range escort fighter, and this cowboy biplane
  13. I think it's finally time for my "public announcement". those of you that know me on discord know that for the past 4 months i'v been working on a project in the same vane as servo's fighter-a-day, except it's bomber-a-day. these pre-war bombers have been killing me and it's real slow progress, but I'v made it to 15. these are the wings for that beast, they weigh 51 tons. If you're interested in helping me with bomber-a-day, shoot me a message and i'll let you know if it's taken. all i ask is that you make it to the best of your ability, that it is recognizable and that it flies. doesnt h
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