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  1. Oh sorry, i forgot that engine itself doesnt have twr gonna change title to isp/thrust
  2. I dont think that answer solves my problem.
  3. I have a lot of mods and its very hard for me to find best engine for my use. I was looking for a mod that allows to sort engines by isp/thrust/twr, but i didnt found anything. Is there any mod like this? If not, is it possible to make?
  4. I'm just wondering is there any formula to calculate rotation degree for every part?
  5. I want every part of helix to be equal distace from center and be 60 degrees to the ground
  6. I'm trying to build helix that has 240m pitch, 60 degrees slope, each segment is 7.5m i tried to do that but it doesnt work. Anyone can help?