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  1. Turning off Reflection Refresh Mode in settings fixed the low fps problem for me (CPU bottleneck). I get near identical FPS with Parallax on or off now. I have a few planes act funny and flip over on the runway (especially prop-driven ones), but most act fine. Wheels break very easily compared to vanilla, but that makes terrain feel like an actual threat now. I can't expect to travel 200m/s in a 1000t plane, taking off on an alien world anymore, because it lacks strong VTOL engines for a slower take off. The way it is right now makes the game more challenging, realistic, and prettie
  2. I sometimes get a bug where the cargo bay has far more drag than usual, so I have to open it and close it back to get it to act normally.
  3. Getting whenever I right click on a kerbal and click on a command on 1.8.1. I did say yes to check for updates on launch.
  4. Anyone go to Venus in a propeller craft using Breaking Ground DLC? It is very glitchy. What can I do to make it feel more realistic? The TWR for a propeller craft at sea level on Venus is outrageously high.
  5. I just docked my asteroid mover to a 35 million ton asteroid. It has 6 nervs and 4 darts. I cannot move the asteroid one bit. I have about a 0.004 TWR if I do rough math. Game reports 0.00 TWR. I assumed it is immovable. But for testing, a Mammoth will produce 0.02 TWR at max power. I cheated a craft to the asteroid with a Mammoth. The Mammoth could move the asteroid. Here's my problem: The Mammoth can still move the asteroid producing just 60 kN of thrust at around 1% thrust. My asteroid mover vessel produces way more than that, but its max TWR is below 0.00. What can I do to move t
  6. The fastest propeller plane on Steam uses R-25 Ducted Fan Blade. I started using them and they seem to be overpowered. Would be interesting to see their numbers. Good testing!
  7. Getting Kopernicus error using this texture pack. I tried renaming the biome files from DDS to PNG and that loaded up without any errors on 1.8.1. Wow, looks incredible. Earth is so pretty. I am currently orbiting around Umbriel in Uranus system. The stock texture pack made Umbriel a pixelated mess. This actually makes it look pretty good! Gonna use this texture pack from now on! Was kinda weird that the fix was just renaming biome files from. DDS to .PNG. Am I doing something wrong?
  8. Is the download link still available? Not seeing a download in the Github link. I may be blind.
  9. Very excited for the next update. Beyond Home is so fun! I'm currently doing a 5x career on 1.7.3. Going great. I am having an issue with Lua's Space Center being buried under terrain at 5x rescale. Fortunately, the beginning of the runway pokes out of a mountain, letting me launch crafts safely! Too funny. I doubt there is a way to make KK behave well with resized terrain So far, the Beyond Home planet pack has felt by far the most 'alive' planet pack. Even stock feels like a dead wasteland.
  10. I currently am playing career on Real Solar System. I first started playing RSS on 1.6.0 and was able to use the Making History launch sites. Now that I am on a fresh install of 1.7.3 I no longer have the additional launch sites show up. I tried this in Sandbox as well. In Difficulty, I have Allow Other Launchsites checked. When I hover over the launch button, only the local runway/launch site option is available. In tracking station/map, the launch sites are not loaded up either. They just don't exist. In my copy of 1.6.0 RSS, it works perfectly. I just tried redownloading a fresh copy o
  11. Whenever I time warp in a vacuum to do a burn, my FPS drops. I am fine with that. The issue is my fps fails to recover even at 1x speed. The only fix is to restart the game. The issue gets worse and worse the larger my craft is. Overclocking CPU is the only fix to improve the FPS. It has gotten so bad that I am avoiding time warping with physics (alt+>). Is there a fix for this? Why does this happen? My CPU is an i7-5775C @ 4.2 GHz. The issue gets bad with part counts above 200. No mods! I can get 30 fps with a part count of around 300-500 parts. It stays at 30fps very
  12. Got it working! Deleted my settings.cfg file. This issue was NOT related to Beyond Home.
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