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  1. Ah ok, that is too bad. Not really interested since it is just using RSS pressure curves. but OhioBob is welcome to it if they want. I used the atmospheric values from RealSolarSystem which is CC-BY-NC-SA fortunately. Thought this mod was too. So if anyone wants to have a realistic atmosphere for 10x rescale vanilla, check out RSS for reference which uses same syntax for tweaking atmospheres as this mod.
  2. I ended up making a 10x rescale version of your mod, since I do not like using Sigma Dimensions to scale the atmosphere compared to just using similar atmospheric models from RealSolarSystem. Keep Atmosphere and atmoTopLayer set to 1 if using 10x version. (Snip)
  3. I tried searching the old threads without success. How do you use the Toolbox on 1.12.2? Do I need to download KAS? I have an Engineer and on EVA when he is near Toolbox, I get the message 'Can not take more'. Edit: Working now. Not sure what was wrong.
  4. I also find the water too green when at KSC. Looking at scatterer UI in game, we can see that the ocean scatter is using the JNSQ config. Looking inside Ad-Astra, there is no ocean.cfg for Kerbin, only Atmo. The green tint is mostly from Sky Reflection Strength! Lowering the value removes the green tint in the screenshot you replied to. But this green tint is not an Ad-Astra issue. Sorry for double post.
  5. I had same issue. Open the AVP 1.9 textures zip, go to AVP_Configs, and drag the Textures folder into Ad_Astra. When I first installed the mod, I noticed the files I need went into Ad_Astra/EVE/Textures/particles when they should be Ad_Astra/Textures/particles Clouds look great, thanks for the update!
  6. I usually use hotkeys (1-9) for science, and am noticing that hotkeys are bypassing this mod. Love the idea!
  7. Updated to 1.1. Added Tier 10 tree for the NERV, Mobile Processing Lab, and larger ISRU parts. Added 9th tier for probes, adding MPO and MTM stage to final tier.
  8. SlowBurn OpenTree A slower paced Tech Tree mod focusing on stock parts and Breaking Ground + Making History OpenTree was created back in 2015 by sunnypunny and I really enjoy it. He recently updated it to support Autostrut and Mechjeb, and I added some parts for full 1.12.3 compatibility while making it harder overall. Github: https://github.com/shadowed1/OpenTree/releases Features: Playtested down to 40% rewards on LunaMultiplayer Around 30k science is needed for full unlock of entire tree 1.8m through 5m parts have more segmentation and slower progression Science lab is no longer an easy unlock, forcing players to explore Does not currently support any part mods other than Mechjeb Install: Place OpenTree folder in Gamedata. Before starting a new career, choose your starting tech in difficulty! Credits: OpenTree mod was created by sunnypunny: https://github.com/sunnypunny Changelog:
  9. Works great! Autostrut and Mechjeb modules unlock! Nice job!!
  10. Hope to see it come back! It's a fantastic mod for LMP as it prevents easy science farming. Is it ok if I upload the mod to google drive or something in the meantime? edit: A decent hotfix to include Autostrut and Mechjeb for OpenTree for new games are to un-hide the vanilla trees that unlock them, and adjust their unlock values to 50% so unlocking the equivalent OpenTree variant costs the same overall. Each of the vanilla trees contain 0 parts but just allow Autostrut and Mechjeb to work.
  11. I was under the impression the current build of BH wouldn't work on 1.12.3, but it works great! I am using Morphisor's 3.5x rescale values in Sigma Dimensions, lemon cup's hotfix for Sigma rescale, and the most recent builds of the required mods. I am still using the older Parallax build (1.0.1). The only issue I am encountering is because I am using 3.5x rescale, the KSC on Lua is floating. I see a bit of documentation about fixing that, but I will work on that later! edit: To fix the Kopernicus solar panel bug I removed Destiny and Fate, then gave Tempus Barycenter the same appearance as Destiny. Now only 1 star is at center of system. Kinda lazy fix, but it works. edit2: I was getting tons of errors in console because I deleted the 2 stars but not the sunflares. I had to edit BeyondHome\scatterer\config\Sunflares\Sunflares.cfg and delete Destiny and Fate at the bottom of the .cfg.
  12. Late response, but I also had these issues. If anyone else has blurry clouds for Earth, I fixed it by downgrading to EVO 0.3 RC1 from RC2. For fixing the Uranus rings, this github post has fix: https://github.com/Its-Just-Luci/EVO/issues/10 I placed the UranusRing.png in RSS-Textures -> PluginData. Mod looks great! I am on 1.10.1 for reference.
  13. Hey SunnyPunny, I am having trouble with any of Mechjeb's features getting unlocked in Career, other than the initial aircraft autopilot when using OpenTree. If I start a new career and cheat my way to manually upgrade Tracking Station to 3, Mission Control to 2, R&D to 2, and Unlock Probe Controls 1 through 5, none of the new Mechjeb features show up. If I use the cheat menu to unlock all, they will unlock fine, similar to the Autostrut issue from before. As a fix, I loaded up the main career without OpenTree, unlocked Ascent, rebooted with OpenTree, and things are working fine. Once I have enough science to unlock docking for Mechjeb, I will have to repeat this step.
  14. My friend wanted a way to zoom in as much as he wanted on planets in the Tracking Station, so I made a script for him. Gotta say, it looks great. Requires Cheat Engine. Made on 7.3. Edit: script not working that reliably, so here is a pointer with controls 1 and 2 to zoom in/out respectively. Only works in tracking station.
  15. Been using OpenTree as a required plugin for the LMP server I play with friends. Been working great! Thank you for the quick fix on the autostrut!!! edit: If anyone else wants to use this as a plugin for online, I recommend launching a new game without opentree, unlocking the tree that unlocks autostrut, and then restart with OpenTree. This will force unlock autostrut permanently. A new player joined without OpenTree and disabled autostrut before I had the chance to make it a required plugin. But the fix above will prevent that from happening. I don't think OpenTree was designed for LMP, but it is by far the most balanced TechTree I have encountered, and works great online.
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