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  1. What on Earth... I saw the new revamped little engines on reddit and thought it was Restock, not the actual official stock revamp... is this a new artist? They look completely different and superior to every single revamp you've presented so far...
  2. Wow, very nice. I like that you managed to retain the gold/black theme a bit. Glad to see the Porkjet-esque part variants as well. I really can't wait to see how this will all look when put together. I'm not as into the greebled structural components (adapters & Fuel Tanks) I'm afraid, though they might end up looking fine when everything is complete.
  3. Makes me wonder if they'll end up remaking even the spaceplane parts, since Porkjet's parts aren't really like the remade parts.... I was getting all excited about the new revamp, but honestly now that this mod is in development I might just be using this anyway once it's available.
  4. See, I don't mind a different nozzle colour, I just think it should be a bit less saturated. As for the "rollcage", this is really a matter of taste. I for one quite like that kind of bare look to engines, looks cool to me. Though in this instance I don't think some more solidity would look bad on this part at all.
  5. I love your other mods and your art style, and I'm glad to see a part revamp that seems so thought out. I see you've taken a lot of inspiration from Porkjet's parts, which is fitting considering it's their style you are basing these parts on. Also agree with Nova on the black decal.