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    Kerbal Kommunity Game?

    Yea it does! Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it!
  2. TheMultiVitamin

    Kerbal Kommunity Game?

    @SnarkActually question wise, if I did a mission report series in a similar vein, without the RP and the claiming and stuff, would that work? In that there wouldn't be any RP posts, but the community would vote on what I would do next for the mission report and then make my mission report post as to how it went and the like? Keeping the RP based stuff out of it and just having them decide things via polls and the like? Maybe even utilizing the ships they built if anyone would upload any?
  3. TheMultiVitamin

    Kerbal Kommunity Game?

    Understandable, it makes me wonder how they had gotten it to work over on the DF forums to be honest, a lot of the people there have majorly differing social opinions but still somehow manage to get along for the sake of RP. Thanks for all of the Info! I really do appreciate it. Sad that it can't happen here but I understand the circumstances as to why it can't.
  4. TheMultiVitamin

    Kerbal Kommunity Game?

    Ah I didn't see that rule! thanks for letting me know and the like. Typically this kind of thing is done via Forum because it works better as a Forum based game, the original idea coming from the Dwarf Fortress forums where people do something similar. Thanks for letting me know and the heads up about the rule that I didn't see though!
  5. TheMultiVitamin

    Kerbal Kommunity Game?

    Didn't know whether to post this here or in Fan works, but basically i'd like to ask if people would want to do a Kerbal Space Program Community Game? Basically how it would work is that I, as the OP, would make story based posts based on what happens in the game, and the community members would take on the role of kerbals of influence, coming to a consensus of what we do next with what parts we have available. The community members could "Claim" directors, workers, family members, visitors, pilots, engineers, scientists and in some cases tourists, and make RP based posts as those characters in reaction to what happens in the game or what happens RP wise between each other as events. I would be trying my best to deliver on what they'd want to do and RP about (for instance, if someone wanted to RP that they made a mobile roving satellite that went around the KSC to monitor what's happening, I would make a rover, use kOS to automate it, and have it do so). It would be heavily modded for as much realism and content as possible, and it could lead to the community coming together to create a unique story narrative and just have fun with it all at the same time. I would also be supply Screenshots and the like as best I can as well.
  6. I figured it out. Something with RemoteTech was messing up, getting rid of it fixed it.
  7. In KSP I'm only able to build the first craft, launch it, and then land it, all while doing the Goo science along each stage and getting an EVA Report and Sample. But once I recover the vessel, i'm immediately ejected to the Facility overlook and the pilot is labelled as missing. I can't enter the R&D building because it says that it's closed. I can't enter any buildings other then the Management center where you recruit more Kerbals. Once i'm in the Management building I can't leave it, and I can't exit the game either. I'm running 1.5.1 and the mods I have are: It's a load of mods, I know. Sorry if that doesn't make it easier in helping me. I play on Science mode and the only options I change are Enabling Indestructible Facilities, Enable Kerbal Experience, Hide unresearchable nodes, Remove empty Horizontal and Vertical space, Enable Show Statistics for kOS, and enable Group All Planetary Base System parts in Function Filter.