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  1. I figured it out. Something with RemoteTech was messing up, getting rid of it fixed it.
  2. In KSP I'm only able to build the first craft, launch it, and then land it, all while doing the Goo science along each stage and getting an EVA Report and Sample. But once I recover the vessel, i'm immediately ejected to the Facility overlook and the pilot is labelled as missing. I can't enter the R&D building because it says that it's closed. I can't enter any buildings other then the Management center where you recruit more Kerbals. Once i'm in the Management building I can't leave it, and I can't exit the game either. I'm running 1.5.1 and the mods I have are: It's a load of mods, I know. Sorry if that doesn't make it easier in helping me. I play on Science mode and the only options I change are Enabling Indestructible Facilities, Enable Kerbal Experience, Hide unresearchable nodes, Remove empty Horizontal and Vertical space, Enable Show Statistics for kOS, and enable Group All Planetary Base System parts in Function Filter.