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    Your Finest Hour in KSP

    Hello everyone (that is my 1st post). Last night I had kind of Apollo 13 mission (not exactly but you will see ) So: I made CM with MK-2 and Mun landing module with Mk1 Lander Can, I put two pilots in CM and 1 scientist in the Lander (CM had RCS and monopropellant, LM had only mono - by default) Went orbital, separated, docked CM to LM Went for Mun orbit Separated LM and started to burn retro to slow down - then I realized that landing with Scientist may be bit tricky - since no SAS Finally landed - however this was hard (so for me this is huge challange to land on Mun without SAS - need to train more) Got all science possible, I've waited until CM was close enough LM started to go back to the orbit - however I wasted fuel and got suborbital with high apoapsis - the closest intersection was like 10kms CM started to burn towards LM to catch it - also got subortbital Here things get more interesting: used all monopropellant in CM (luckily target speed was 0.3m/s and was on good trajectory) Had to adjust LM quickly CM could only rotate to adjust for any mistake in the docking approach - luckily it worked - docked successfully Then we realized we don't have enough fuel to get return trajectory BUT... we got monopropellant from docked LM Burned prograde with RCS first Made transfer maneuver to Kerbin Reentry at around 3000m/s - I think antennas blew up but all ended up successfully That was my most exciting mission in career mode :)