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  1. NearFuture Tech, Cryogenic Engines, Kerbal Atomics, by Nertea is my must have mod now, better warp speed/time by linuxgamer (I don't even enjoy playing anymore without those two mods), dmagic scanning is great too, there are just so many amazing mods now, hard to pick. KSP-I is updated as well (although I have never been smart enough to fully figure that one out yet).
  2. Oh I didn't realize I could do that, was having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to zoom out and do the interplanetary transfer maneuver. Keep getting all that text when trying to rotate or add orbits. I will give that a go. Thank you. Gonna try to pin just ap. I can use the little orbit box in lower left hand side, but when I need to rotate the maneuver around or add orbits, I keep creating more crazy text. Ah, sweet, that helps. Thank you!! Would think at 553 hours playtime, I would be better at this. Never realized how much I leaned on mechjeb for support. Really
  3. Beautifully done, awesome revamp, love this mod. Everything looks and works great!!! 10/10
  4. HI, this is starting to really get on my nerves as I am trying to learn interplanetary transfers now. Is there a setting I am missing or mod maybe that can hide all the useless text when I am trying to plan a maneuver?!? I feel like I got to be missing something really obvious. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry to post twice on here, just wanted to let you know, front page links SVE Textures to 1.0.7 , but page 120 links to SVE Textures 1.0.8. Not sure if that matters, but thought I would let you know. Still my favorite mod of all time!!
  6. Hey man, just wanted to let ya know this is a really great looking mod. Really like the artistic style and aesthetic of what I see so far. I am on my potatoe laptop atm, started lagging pretty bad , can't wait till my real game rig is fixed so I can explore more , awesome mod though!!! Thanks for making it. Looking forward to see how this evolves. Cheers!
  7. I figured I would start my search here, so brief reason behind my asking, on my work laptop I have a Lenovo with these specs... Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.6GHz w/ 16 gig ram ,Intel HD GFX 520 Integrated & NVIDIA GeForce 940MX , Display Memory: 10128 MB, Dedicated Memory: 2010 MB (which i use for KSP) , and Id like to play KSP while I am "working". ... so I downloaded SVE , EVE, Distant Object Enhancement, and it runs super smooth and beautifully. However, if I add Scatterer I start dropping massive frames, and it is a bit laggy to play. I am wondering if ther
  8. I just wanted to take a second to thank you for making this mod, absolutely amazing. Can't believe I can use it w/o scatterer on my work laptop, and actually enjoy ksp while I am "working". ^^ Thank you. Awesome 10/10 mod!!
  9. Ive used out planet mods for a long time, I really enjoy that... breifly I was using a mod that had other galaxies and required warp drive/warp engines to make it too... it was really well modeled, and gigantic, trying to find it again... P.S. @ snark so happy Kopernicus is finally updated ANNNNDD Commnunity Resource Pack. xD
  10. 4 hours since update went live, and this is the best I can do so far...
  11. Okay I figured out lift with the props now , didn't realize they were installing flat xD. However, I can not figure out the yaw/pitch/roll on a two or four blade heli design. I created an ugly quadcopter , with two sets controlling yaw and two sets of blades controlling pitch. I am trying to fly helicopters specifically. I just realized I think your talking planes. That I can generate and then control with wings... I am currently beating my head agianst the wall trying to build a stable controlable helicopter , then endgame for 1.7.3 for me is to build a full 3d flight stunt helicopter. Befor
  12. So if you disable the yaw pitch roll, it is super stable... but I am missing something... I can not generate lift. I keep searching youtube hoping for a 1.7.3 prop tutorial, but I havent seen one yet. I am over two hours trying to get a capsule and a small tank to lift off.... 1 kerbal. I gotta be missing something. lol.
  13. Hey Space Friends, I am having a lot of trouble getting prop blades to create life.. I made a video (wasn't sure how to post on here) on reddit. Not sure what exactly I am doing wrong... saw a comment on reddit to make sure inactive yaw pitch roll on blades themselves. Am I missing something else?!? I've spent two hours trying to figure this out, and I can't find any youtube tutorials yet?!?
  14. I have never actually tried TAC Life support. I will give it a go. I kinda went mod crazy up until 1.7.2, at one point I had 103 mods installed according to CKAN. I search on SpaceDock from time to time. I will give it a look and see if I can't find something I havent used yet. Also on the hunt for visual mods I haven't used yet. I really loved Astronomer Visual Pack, SVE, SVT... and recently tried GEAlite, and yea scatterer is an outstanding mod as well. I did use better burn time, indicator lights, and JX2 Antenna up until 1.7.2 , awesome mods btw. I can finally dock, and rendezvous a
  15. Hi Space friends, I have close to 500 hours in KSP at the moment over the past couple years. I always used mechjeb until 1.7.2 , finally started to play legit stock , only using distant object enhance and eve, and a skybox. Anyways, I am looking for mods that I might not know about, fully compatiable with 1.7.2 and downloadable on CKAN without changing version. (I know many work still from 1.6). Anything you guys would recommmend for playing close to stock in 1.7.2 (Not looking for cheat mods). If you have played with any mods recently that you highly recommend,
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