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  1. I know this is a bit late but I use the Soviet Spacecraft mod
  2. I messed around for a while in the Config file and got this mod looking really nice. I cant for the life of me find what setting in the config changes the Dark faded Corners of my screen off.does Anyone know? The 4 Corners of my Screen Are faded to black (Darker) Almost like tunnel vision. What Setting in the config adjust's that setting?? example:
  3. Did i mess something up or is there no thermometer barometer and vanilla stock chutes? cause if not that would really suck cause than i cant career mode even if they are not reskinned they should be there right? Edit: nvm i had somehow left Vens restock installed and it conflicted i see them now!
  4. Hey i was just wondering if there is a way to use AVP with a rescale mod? or if someone messes with configs that has tryd. i would like to hear how it went...I LOVE AVP and cant do without it but i reallly want to scale things up a bit even if its just 2x. is it possible?
  5. Question regarding Scatterer/AVP I run AVP and i keep hearing people talking about configs for stuff like Scatterer/eve and the like... So i have a hunch im running 2 configs or 2 layers of Scatterer (dont even know if its possible) The atmosphere look GREAT!, but it's just so thick i cant even make out coastlines or ground features and also i get like 30 FPS. question is this.. Is it possible to make the atmosphere with AVP less dense via configs? if so how and with AVP Configs or Scatterer? and is it possible i have 2 configs of scatterer going or somthing like that.that is why it seems so thick? Copy pasted from reddit post
  6. Colored Faces - RSS/SASS Kerbal Texturepack?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E maybe this can help?
  7. thanx maybe my add blocker was blocking button? i did not have any download button what so ever and had to click the links under assets one at a time... but Thanx for update on one of the most Essential mods for KSP!!!!! Now i don't have to pull my hair out 20 more times on github and can check a box and hit apply in Ckan and im off!! hahahhaha thanx again
  8. K. im not a developer and maybe im being dumb here but i would say im pretty tech savy and well........ WERE is the DOWNLOAD button in the github link pulling my hair out haha!!! I have tried downloading the exe but it wont work without the supporting files, i tried the zip but it has no exe....What is the deal with Github i hate that website with a glorious passion!!!!!!!!!! I finally broke down and downloaded all assets individually and put them in the same folder and extracted everything i could and it worked....why why isnt there a simple download button of all assets packaged i going crazy here?
  9. Iv been playing for about 4 months or so and im sure they know better than me...but here is mho they need to start looking into how to make the updates Conflict less with mods. maybe take it easy on the licensing issues (i dont understand that much but seems silly) maybe look into a way to make moding easier for new user's via steam workshop..or even an official mod manager program.. all and all they need to water the garden so to speak..the mod garden.although it seems alot of people here would play and enjoy unmodded ksp that's not representative of like 80% of gamers.. while the game was on steam sale i had at least 5-10 of my friends look into this game and all of them said they were not interested because of "potato graphics" and no mods on workshop... i tryd to explain to them how you mod this game and they were not having it..."to big of a pain" i even showed them screenshots of my moded version with clouds (scatter/eve) and they said for the most part if that was in the base game/easy to mod in they would buy it... guess being in discord pulling my hair out trying to install mods on this game.i influenced there opinions haha.. anyway if they ever did try this game i know they would love it but...they just wont give it a chance as it is. ..o and no multiplayer didnt help much as most gamers now only like multiplayer games. i get it tho as after i pull off a cool mission or some thing i kinda wish i could share it with some one. as for me i love this game! nothing else like it!!
  10. Well for how much labor and head ache moding brings it makes this game really shine! (I'm new to moding as well so) Thank you for suggesting CKAN !! Because of this I now have a working beautiful RSS running with about 40 mods running stable and no bugs anymore..took me a bit because a certain version of scatter I couldn't find for 1.3. .. But wow CKAN saved me countless hours of searching year old threads with broken links and changing version my head was starting to hurt haha. Praise the guy who made CKAN! Thanks again
  11. I have been playing ksp for about 5 months now with only visual mods.. im now to the point were i want to try RSS realistic type mods...why is moding this game so pain full... why no mod packs collaborations? anyway maybe i missed some thing can anyone point me to a thread or in the right direction to a mod pack or at least whats the best version of KSP for RSS?? I really want to play RSS but not really trying to make this a week ordeal of downloading CTDing and tweeking mod files ;(