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  1. Hello Guys, I don't know if i've posted prolifically enough to deserve being recognized, but i'm back with my biggest build yet! Building this was hell, i slammed my desk multiple times, they are so many revisions and stuff, but this is the final product! C-Tonne Class Military Dropship A Large Military craft generally used for Cargo and Troop transport. It has the capacity to quickly move large scale Rovers and Tanks, and even other landing craft, and move them pass hard terrain, or even from Body to Body. Carries up to 100 Tonnes, carried and docked to the middle thin section of the craft. Due to the small gravity on minmus, it is able to hover near the surface, and drop a payload, without ever touching the ground. It Pilots like a whale, not recommended unless you can control large craft with limited SAS. 48.1 Meters Long 180 Tonnes Crew of 15 Top Recommended Ground Speed of 35 M/S (620 Parts, 16 hour build time, 25 new gray hairs ) Front View and Cockpit Middle Shaft, with Loading Area Interior of the Front The Long Shaft Hallway from the Front Section to the Back Section The Front Airlock Selfie With The Stars Take Off! The C-Tonne with the RXA The Updated Size Comparison! I hope you appreciate the build, i certainly put a lot of work into it it was absolute hell for me to design though, i've never been good at origami and trying to fit the wing shapes together properly was terrible With 600 parts loaded into the game, it took me 3 minutes each time to ctrl-z which is the definition of hell! Hope you enjoy it though!
  2. It's 3 instances of a small lander can from Bluedog Design Bureau, pasted together to make one whole thing Its glorious to fly across Minmus, aim in a direction, speed up to like 30 m/s, and keep yourself afloat on light puffing on the upwards throttle I updated the Size Comparison with all my crafts!
  3. Continuing my Millitary Craft Series RXA-Quad Assault Craft Medium sized High Speed craft used for aerial combat on 0/little atmosphere bodies. Designed for hovering. Equipped with two railguns, it has an interior capable of carrying many troops and cargo speedily across Minmus, The Moon, and other smaller bodies. 14 Meters Long 25 Tonnes Crew of 4 (15 additional troops can be held as passengers) Top Rated Speed: 100 M/S (technically it can reach orbit, but for close to ground stuff, this is what i'd recommend) (250 Parts, 4 1/2 hour design time)
  4. Changed the direction of things by making a sleek Corvette battleship!
  5. I have been creating a fictional Military Moon Base vehicular line, mostly of mega tanks and moving bases. 1-B Tanklet The smallest of the vehicular family, is generally used as a small reconnaissance vehicle, and often used to shuttle a single kerbal between places where a high speed transport is unnecessary. 2.4 Meters Long 1.3 Tonnes Crew of One Top Rated Speed: 2 M/S (17 Parts/20 Min Design Time) HY-SPE (High Speed) Cargo Transport (Boarding A Moba-2) Used for long distance transport missions involving fuel or other resources. 8 Meters Long 12 Tonnes Crew Of Three Top Rated Speed: 15 M/S (130 Parts/1 Hour Design Time) Galapagos-Class Mobile Heavy Base Used for scientific exploration early on in the Space Programs Colonization efforts, they are now mostly used as a peaceful communications base for Researchers. 18 Meters Long 105 Tonnes Crew Of Ten Top Rated Speed: 7 M/S (490 Parts/3 Hour Design Time) MOBA-1/2 Command Base Behemoth Command Base equipped for defense. Large tank cannons protect from infiltration. Interior is a large hanger bay, which has standing place for transporting troops, and for storing vehicles, and supplies. MOBA 1 and 2 have different wheel profiles. MOBA 1 is pictured above, and was a prototype for the eventual reconfig, MOBA 2 It has a large uptop cockpit piloted by 6 mechanics and drivers and one captain at the very top. It's second cockpit is located lower down, and mainly used as a strategist room where the General fives orders. Living spaces are built in modules at the sides of the walls and the upper levels, and are small, but comfortable for the downtime. Most of the day is spent in the standing Hangar, Manning the arms, or other duties. It also has a massive blast proof 40 Tonne Hanger Door. 44 Meters Long 850 Tonnes Crew of Fourty Five Top Rated Speed: 3 M/S (611 Parts, 6 Hour Design Time) These images really paint a picture of how massive the MOBA is compared to the small Kerbal in the foreground Size Comparison, with humans. (The MOBA is the length of a plane!)
  6. The RSSVE thread is closed down, has been since march. Figured this is the next most appropriate place, as a lot of people here might be knowledgable in such mods and use them frequently.
  7. I can not for the life of me install RSS Visual Enhancements. Whats the correct file path? I've tried everything, and the installation guide is so vague. Im trying to use the 1.6.1 RC1 version, but it just doesnt work even if i try to do what it says to do. Im using a 1.6.1 world install btw.
  8. For some reason Kopernicus isn't working, and the latest version says "this version of kopernicus will not work with the game" Im on 1.7.1 using Kopernicus 1.7.0. It says this is for version "1.7.x" but isn't working... i have all the latest releases... I can't switch to 1.7 because thats not in the steam beta opt list?
  9. Polar Orbit in Real Solar System Feels rewarding doing the simplest of tasks in a more realistic scale.
  10. Mun Arch Baby! I never quite realized how gigantic these Mun-Archs are, so here's a comparison to the Gateway Arch.
  11. Nero being eclipsed by Hadrian in GPP Finally got that damn imgur link working
  12. I go through phases. Currently got back in a KSP swing after watching some Quill18 letsplays of it. I just got Forza Horizon 4 so... may find my daily hours tanking lately
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