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  1. If it is a manned flight it should not disappear from the way that mechism is suppose to work. Unmanned parts yes.
  2. I just thought of what may have take "time." If there is a significant amount of time auto lapsed for the recovery of a "flight" which ignores other flights. Still a broken mechanism.
  3. I had two pilots on board. Jebadiah was the main pilot and for fun I was doing an EVA at 300 m/s with Valetina. While she was close by, within 20 km or whatever the limit is, I was swithching back and forth with [ ] keys and the plane was staying in a stable flight without me touching any keys, but when I was out of range and had landed I switched via the tracking station and the plane had disappeared and Jeb was declared KIA. This was just a split flight. I've been in the habit of having one Kerbonaut base jump while having my landers come down with fully deployed 'chutes. Passes the time better than just watching the numbers sink. I land my kerbonaut nearby and re-enter the capsule or what not. Free entertainment for the tourist. This is a bug actually since there is no reason for the plane to crash within a minute or what have it takes to land and switch. If you notice the [ ] switching is almost instant and I don't think their is a savings going on like when you switch out to the tracking station and the long load in between each, which should not be reflected in the "game chronology" of events. After switching to the tracking or such you can't revert flights, but it shouldn't kill them off either.
  4. Are flights so unstable? If you are not micromanaging every flight, which you can only effectively do 1 at a time. I was doing a paratrooper run, and the pilot Jebadiah is KIA even though when I left the plane it was stable, very slowly climbing. Why?!!! Because I have to micromanage the jumper or they will go splat. Then when I go to tracking station and the plane has disappeared and the pilot is KIA.
  5. I couldn't find a Player.log. Just the KSP.log in the main folder. This may be a Steam installation error where the part was missed. There is no mention of the AE-FF1 part in the log file and it lists all the parts loadings. Only errors are from ships that contain chips from the KER mod. (This game is so broken without readouts. It becomes aim and hope for the best not rocket science.)
  6. Basically the cowling. Only aware of this because the missing part for the corresponding mission to test parts, screenshot. I looked up the part on the wiki and it is listed as being under the Advanced Construction. Which I have researched. Also checked the integrity of all files from Steam properties menus. Uninstalled all mods, note no content mods were ever installed. (Only had KER and Alarm, and a calculator which never worked.) Rechecked file integrity still no dice. Not knowing what parts are suppose to be there make you ignorant to your needing them. But I am sure when trying to protect and make things more aerodynamic I would have discovered this missing important part eventually.