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    4349 This thread reminds me I haven't seen Contact in a while. I should watch that again.
  2. The shine on that command pod looks great! It all looks great!!!
  3. This is amazing. Great work! Thank you!!!
  4. I'm not sure if this quite answers your question, but there is a mod called Transfer Window Planner, and you can set it to display the ejection angles on you orbital map, based on the parameters you type in. See below:
  5. I read this section as being under Bodies, and thought you were suggesting we turn the expired Kerbals into pellets for the others. Definitely creative...lol
  6. Are you going with optimal transfer windows, or are you leaving Kerbin on any given day? Do you have a rough idea of your ejection angle, or are you just picking a spot in orbit and hoping for the best? I ask because your ejection angle will obviously change depending on when your launching, what your phase angle is, etc. Assuming you've done a bit of napkin math, and know what your ejection angle is, it should be relatively easy to find the angle (from prograde) on the orbital map, and begin a burn about 1 min to 1m30s before the angle, and continue burning for about 1min to 1m30s after
  7. I was thinking about dead systems too. Something like a neutron star would be cool. But then got to wondering if the red giant phase wouldn't just gobble up most of the planets in the system?
  8. I was just rewatching the KSP2 dev story trailer, and got to the part where Joel Green is describing some of the questions the devs have been asking, including the meeting where Nate talks about a certain recent high speed oblique collision, and the effects it would have on the planets in that system. They then go on to have a bit of epiphany about the notion that a young star system might be full of ringed planets, and that this is something that has never been explored in popular media. As the scene cut to black, I couldn't help but start thinking that one of the systems we will be able to
  9. 'Sensor Calibration' is the overall objective of the contract, you do so by fullfilling the branched requirements. Based on the screenshot, you should just need to recover the vessel once you've checked the mystery goo. Just tested on my end, not having any issues.
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