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  1. This is the official unofficial entry, because it has a SINGLE modded part.
  2. Actually..., I might take a try I already have a small Duna^3-style rocket rocket capable of Minmus, now I need a launch vehicle to lift it to Minmus and back, and replace the solar panels and stuff...
  3. Does the Gjr2 solar array even here? Or is it a part of NF Solar? Because I saw the array as a part of the OKEB line of NFS
  4. Why do I feel like I played Simple Planes Multiplayer with this guy half a year ago...
  5. I’m not wasting 15 hours of my life watching my computer chugging just to download the enormous file
  6. No I don’t have anything unusual, I use a standard Windows keyboard (like a normal guy), when I press those AG 0-9 keys in KSP, nothing happens, in literally everything else it’s normal (including AGs from other games)
  7. When I started playing KSP, I started to have a problem with the keys: I constantly have to hold Ctrl just to activate AGs or switch vessels, if not I can't So can anyone explain me about this? (Or at least tell me how to fix it?)