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  1. Are fuel cells allowed? I'm not sure if they violate the non rocket engine rule.
  2. Forgive me for being dumb but how do I calculate range? I want to make a prop plane.
  3. Hmm, fair enough. I've been trying to make a walker that'll actually WALK but if you could make the legs capable of movement sideways I suppose it could translate well. I think it'd be easier for a spider type mech.
  4. Anyone got any ideas on how to make walkers turn without needing to resort to non-robotics methods, like wheels or RCS or wacky things? I'd love to have a semi practical Dunar walker transport.
  5. This is what my VAB looks like, ATM. I got my install from Spacedock. I'm running: KER, Mechjeb, Stockalike Station Parts, TACLS, KIS, and KAC. Note that I don't have the "stage recovery icon" thing on my toolbar, despite installing it.
  6. It has one of those 'inform me when this mod updates' things in the loading screen but the actual icon for SR on the toolbar doesn't show up at all. Should I try a clean install, or is it the download's fault? And I don't have any of those other mods.
  7. Also, in 1.6.1, the mod doesn't seem to activate. Is there an up to date version that'll actually function? Not to poke a bear, but I'm having some issues.
  8. Gotcha. Thanks! I need to see what kinda thing I can use for stage recovery, as StageRecovery seems to be broke for me.
  9. Hey, bit of a weird thing. I have 1.6 and SR for 1.6, but I keep getting an error message along the lines of 'use 1.4.5' when I boot up the game. Any clue of why?
  10. So, I'm making a radial jet engine- think the Vector's way of attaching vs the huge jet's version. How do I set up points in Blender so that it can function with a Gimbal and everything else? I'm around halfway through modelling it. Thanks for any help!
  11. Thank you so much! I've decided to kind of put the treads on the backburner and try to develop more modelling skill, but I'll for sure check this out when I'm confident in both my code and skills.
  12. I'm around halfway through making my first real model for KSP, a tiny-ISH continuous track model. I'm waiting to have some of these answered before I actually finish it and start figuring out what I need to do for the part's CFG, though: How do I set the radial attachment point for it? Do I do it in a CFG, Unity, or Blender? How do I set up the animation and have it transfer over to Unity/KSP? Thanks! Sorry if it's in the wrong place, I'm just super inexperienced with 3d modelling.
  13. What does this mean by 1.3/1.4 compatible? 1.6 seems like it will fix a ton of the memory issues that kept people from adopting 1.5, so could I potentially send in a 1.6 creation?
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