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  1. It's how much you can change your speed. So as an example, it takes 400 meters per second if you are skilled enough to return from minmus flats and to kerbin.
  2. If you have the DV just escape the mun and then coast out. Then burn retrograde to bring the periapsis lower
  3. Quick save quick load. If it doesn't work, well you're kerbals have a useless ship.
  4. Practice and experimentation komrade. There is no concrete guide. Just do what you think will work and you will eventually get it. That's how I did my shuttles anyway.
  5. Right click and then a menu shows up. You should be able to then click repair facility.
  6. No komrade, inflatable heat shields are one time use. The best way is a spaceplane and a separate ascent system. But still the gravity is considerably weaker than kerbins and the atmosphere is 50 km. Plus the SOI is pretty easy to escape since the strong jool gravity well will dominate the space.
  7. The easiest way to get to minus is to try to lead the shot in some way. I usually target minmus and then try to adjust for it moving in its orbit. Basically the same thing as getting a mun encounter by leading the ejection burn but on q bigger level. Also you may need a inclination change, I suggest doing after the ejection burn. But the main way to learn it is practice and experimentation. I hope this was helpful to you.
  8. I often belive these are for metric units. like the lfo tanks hold liters and not units. although the monoprop tanks are actually kind of ridiculous when you add this liters. how do a tiny monoprop tank hold 50 liters of monoprop?!? is truly confusing. I dont bother calculating so I just assume with metric units for everything. sorry the tiny mono tank holds 20 liters. I somehow still remember it being 50.
  9. no its not alive it just got renamed to the donut tank. I personally liked the round-8 one better.
  10. theres some mods that do it well. I just use a smaller decoupler and then put an aproppriatly sized fairing.
  11. well I dont have the isru unlocked yet so it would be easier just to dock to a tank in lko and then use that as a fuel reserve for my interplanetary mssions.
  12. Thanks for the advice. 500 meters per second is basically nothing considering I can always just add more boosters.
  13. Yes actually. If you hover over the signal strength it will tell you what station that comes from. Example , baikerbunar is the official name for ksc2 and it gives a comnet signal. I hope this was helpful or something.