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  1. I saw that in my email without context and got way too excited because I thought you meant part two of the story, not the movie.
  2. I bet you can make some good use of the new flag parts.
  3. I'd be happy to do video editing, I have a fair amount of experience, having edited all the videos on my YouTube channel. I have good internet and storage as well. Also I think it's pretty likely there will be at least a few bits that we need to record in KSP and I would be happy to do that. Edit: Here's a link to my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5rCNiuajBZE80WF4LKc-Tw
  4. I think this is an awesome idea! If we are using KSP footage a mod like YARK-MFD would help quite a bit, it allows you to put flight data on a second monitor. I have helped develop that project and would be happy to add any features you think would make it better.
  5. Hey all, just uploaded second episode of my career series: What do you think?
  6. Here's a very basic design, along with construction timelapse:
  7. Is crossfeed enabled on the docking ports?
  8. Okay, here is a stretched version: I also updated the KerbalX page.
  9. Alright, here is STS-10 Utility Node 2: Has rotatable lights, probe core, reaction wheels, antenna, and an RTG. Its 5.3 tons and can fly on its own. KerbalX link: https://kerbalx.com/VA7NFH/Utility-Node-2
  10. I am designing the Utility Node 2 right now. Just a question, are RTGs allowed? Also, VA7NFH Kerman??? I thought I mentioned Elon Kerman, its okay though.
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