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  1. I understand, and that's fair. (Though I wouldn't mind seeing an entire line of 1.875m parts from you.) Your work is high-quality, and appreciated. I knew it was a long-shot request. I do love your mods. They feel more stock than stock does, to be honest. Keep up the good work, and I respect your right to decline requests.
  2. @Nertea: I love this mod. I know you say it's feature-complete, but ... The Making History 1.8m parts lack something key - they don't have a crew compartment. 1.25 has the spaceplane crew compartment and 2.5 has the Hitchhiiker. Have you considered a full line of 1.8 parts? 1.8 is great for missions around kerbin / mun / minmus, but it's tough to get tourists there with that part set. Also, I LOVE your chryo engines. I use them all the time. They make the early game fun, and also give so many options for H2O2 boosters later. Thanks so much for it!
  3. I started a new game without Bases contract pack and without the Field Research. I got multiple rescue missions within the first 50 days. I'm kicking myself for not doing this one at a time to isolate the problem for you.
  4. Right, but the quantity of contracts can "push out" the others because of the frequency.
  5. Do you think Field Research is pushing out the "Rescue Kerbal" missions? I have Field Research and played for nearly 200 days with no rescue missions. It's killing my budget due to having to buy each kerbal
  6. Not sure if this data point helps, but I have yet to see a rescue mission show up. The only contracts that flicker in and out are the Bases and Stations Reborn.
  7. So, the Contract Pack: Bases and Stations Reborn (version contracts keep flickering in and out, then disappearing before I can accept them. I'm using 1.27.1 of Contract Configurator on KSP 1.5.1. If you need a log, a link to instructions on how to do that is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Hah. Strange that the part would be enabled in the VAB, though. Thanks!
  9. The K&K storage (KIS) (both small and normal size) won't open for me inside the VAB. Am I missing a mod?