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  1. @Morse Can we get a recompile for 1.7 when you have some free time, puhleeease. Mostly because it causes an irremovable wrong version prompt in the middle of my screen.
  2. Does this mean i can load my save and continue my exploration? or should i wait for a fix?
  3. @Morse You have our unending support. The 1.7 changes are great for stock only players, but anyone who has ever used your mod (and is sane) is not going anywhere. Thanks again.
  4. @Galileo Regarding the updates for SVE and SVT. THANKS FOR MAKING KSP PRETTY AGAIN!!!!
  5. Cool Thx. Felt like opening a gift box ful of other giftboxes. @Lisias Is your version on Ckan or do i have to manual install
  6. I'd like to nominate probably the most glorious and and in depth texture overhaul of KSP for the PBC treatment. Brought to you by Nertea and team More Specifically the 40ish parts that Restock+ adds.
  7. Hello. I have an issue wherein no matter how many times I accept and complete the "Barnstorm the Hangars" and "Build a Glider" they always return to the the available mission list. Is this intended? Are they meant to be repeatable?
  8. Begging for an update for this
  9. The Biplane. Gimme sometime and ill post the cfraft file and log
  10. My concern was the removal of the BP cost/total while building. But if its removal is intended that's fine.
  11. I have this issue as well. Whenever i use firespitter parts my vehicle spawns 1068 meters above the runway which in itself is annoying. But when i try to land,shortly after the wheels touch the touch i get catapulted away like the runway is a super trampoline.
  12. My Current UI: Older SS: I suppose @DMagic would know best what its supposed to look like.