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  1. When I spawn into the game my screen has a lot of tiny white pixels (most notably when in orbit) all over my screen (see attached screenshot) and I have no idea why it is like that or what may be causing it. I have around 98 mods installed (which doesnt help) so I'm out of ideas and need some help. Picture: https://drive.google.com/open?id=13Iia56E4yyf8rsya9f7LVwF79CXuAK6m Also my oceans seem to be a tad glitchy too flickering on the shorelines (especially when in orbit). I assume this has something to do with the Scatterer mod but this was way worse when I had the Better Oceans mod installed and uninstalling that helped but there are still obvious flickering popping up. Any help is highly appreciated! Thanks in advanced for the help!!! KSP latest version (Steam) - 1.7.1 All mods are up to date according to each mod's official thread Log: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wtSiHeR16ZRzJ-YRGBqeYPtvUcUbd4q9
  2. Does anyone know of that mod thats being worked on that will put in all/most solar system mods and position them properly so they all work properly together? I was looking at it a few days ago but I can't remember what it was called
  3. Yes it is, I played around with some EVE/scatterer config options via the games interface and seemed to get it to work, only system now to not have the sun flare working is the extrasolar system, so now I'm really confused. Apprecitate the advice though, super helpful
  4. Right so I am doing a complete fresh install with TWB installed among some visual mods as you suggested with AVP and all is working perfect. Going to slowly one by one re download fresh planet and other visual mods I was using and see if one of them prevents clouds appearing anywhere EDIT: Every planet mod now has clouds working in my main game, huge thanks for the help again! However now the stars aren't showing any kind of flare, only a ball of heat. I'm not sure why, but I tried switching from AVP to SVE which didn't fix it. Is it a possible problem with scatterer or something?
  5. Ah thats cool, do you mean visual mods like EVE, scatterer & AVP? While I do run them I need to clean my mod selection out anyway as I don't tend to make the most of all of them
  6. Alighty thanks, I'll give your suggestions a go and report back EDIT: ok so I gave that a go, but weirdly I got black skies and atmospheres on all planets, also I could not see any of the planet mods in the tracking station. Going to try it without the planet mods to see what happens EDIT 2: hmm, so far I can't seem to get any planet mod to work in the fresh install, and I don't know why because the depedencies are there
  7. I can't wait for this to be compatible with TWB, looks awesome! May I ask if this mod indeed requires a beefy system to run nicely? I'm confident my system can run it fine I'm skeptical as I currently have over 140 mods installed and depending on the situation can sometimes drop below 40fps. Either way I'll probably need to work out which mods I can get rid of to make it a bit smoother
  8. Thanks for the response, I have attached a link to screenshots of my GameData folder and a screenshot of my TheWorldBeyond folder. Thanks for any help https://imgur.com/a/ZjnmGsL
  9. Hello Loving this amazing mod and can't wait for it to become compatible with KSS! I am having a small issue though, none of the planets in any system other than the Kerbol system is showing any clouds. Today I tried switching from SVE to AVP and while the auroras were working fine the clouds still weren't appearing. I tried to fix it by changing the cloud configs of each system to read @EVE_CLOUDS:AFTER[AstronomersVisualPack] instead of EVE_CLOUDS (as someone suggested elsewhere) but this only gave OWR planets clouds. Switching it back to @EVE_CLOUDS:AFTER[StockVisualEnhancements] gave the clouds back to Kerbol but removed them from OWR. I'm out of ideas with the configs, however given my basic knowledge of coding and modding I believe the cloud configs are the cause and probable solution? From what I've noticed I'm assuming only one system/mod pack can have clouds appear, but surely this isn't true and a work around is possible in the configs!? To be clear I am running TWB with OPM, Extrasolar and OWR and all of them suffer this issue. If it helps I'm running the latest x64 version on steam with arguably wayy to many mods, I have attached my output_log via dropbox below, apologies for the amount of mods I have, I may need to re think about the mods I have installed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ey02owlndi0zxh8/output_log.txt?dl=0 Any help or advice is appreciated. Huge thanks to anyone who can help!
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