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  1. It's 1.6.1. The parts textures and size work but Real Fuel do not detect a tank when I click on "Remove all tanks".
  2. I try to load the mod with the RSS config but it don't work
  3. Technically, if the mod works with RealFuel, does it work with RO ?
  4. When I load the game, the game crash a little time after the loading of the module manager. Here is my KSP.log : Here is my list of Mods : -AJE -AllYall -AnimatedDecouplers -ASET -ATK Propulsion Pack -B5 -B9 Aerospace ProceduralWings -B9 Part Switch -BahaSP -Basic Procedural Textures -Better Burn Time -Better Time Warp -blackheart procedural part texture -Camera Tools -Community Resource Pack -Community Tech Tree -Connected Living Space -Contract Configurator -Cryo Engines / Tanks -Deadly Reentry -Deployable Engines -DiscordRP -Distant Object (with RSS textures) -DMagic Orbital Science -DMagic Utilities -Dynamic Battery Storage -Easy Vessel Switch -Engine Group Storage -Engine Light -EVE -SpaceX launcher pack -FASA -FAR -Firespitter -FMRS -Freedom Textures for Procedural Parts -Hangar Extender -Janitor Closet -JSI -KAS -Kerbal Atomics -KER -KJR -Kerbal Renamer -Kerbal Reusability Expansion -Hyper Edit -KIS -KK Antares -Kopernicus -KSC Switcher -KSP AVC -MainSailor procedural parts textures -Mechjeb 2 -Moar Filter Extension Configs -Near future tech -Final Frontier -Persistant Rotation -Planet Shine -Procedural parts / fairings -RCS Build Aid -Real Chute -Real Fuels -Real Heat -Realism Overhaul -Real Plume -RSB -RSS (with 2K Textures) -Recovery Controller -Reentry Particule Effect -Remote Tech -Restock (with Restock +) -Retractable Lifting Surface -RN Cygnus -RN Salyut -RN Skylab -RN Soviet Probes -RN Soviet Rocket -RN Soyuz -RN US Probes -RN US Rocket -RO Capsule -RO Engines -RO Tanks -RSS Date Time -Saturable Reaction Wheels -SCAN Sat -Scatterer -SpaceX Launch Tower -Solver Engines -SXT -Taerobee -Tantares -Tantares LV -TestFlight -Texture Replacer (For Human Colores Faces) -Thunder Aerospace -Tracking Station Evolved -Trajectories -Tundra Exploration -Tweak Scale -Universal Storage My install is in 1.6.1 EDIT : My Computer Config : Graphic card : NVIDIA GTX 1050 Processor : Intel Core I5 (7th generation) 8GB of RAM
  5. I saw the "new New Glenn" on this website :
  6. Last time I went to the Blue Origin's website, and I saw on the New Gleen's part a new version.
  7. Are you going to update the mod for the new version of the New Glenn?