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  1. @FreeThinker OK, I've made a little progress, but only a little. Been messing about in sandbox mode, so science or crew level shouldn't be a factor. I can refuel my pebblebed reactor simply by transferring some new Uranium Nitride in. Can Uranium Nitride be mined/processed? I can't see any option to change the fuel type of the reactor. I still can't get the science lab to process nuclear fuels. When I click on process nuclear fuels, the context menu changes for a millisecond. I managed to pause the game just as it did, so I could see what it said. At first, I could see I was low on electric charge, so I added a reactor and thermal generator. However, even after this, there is no response from the science lab. The context menu (when paused) showed 5MW of power, and said "reprocessing...", but the time remaining was 0.0 hours. I have an empty UF4 tank, an enriched uranium tank, a uranite tank, and both liquid flourine and flourine tanks.
  2. I found the problem. A GTX 1050 isn't up to the job of scatterer on 3 screens. An RTX 2070 however is It seems that the physics suffers if the GPU isn't man enough. With the RTX 2070, I get a solid 60FPS (limited in the settings) in most situations, dropping to maybe 40 on re-entry. I only ever get a yellow clock now at 3x or 4x acceleration on re-entry.
  3. @FreeThinker Thanks for the reply. I'm still really having trouble though... I've used console to dock with a station I have around minmus that has a science lab on board. I have a supply of uranite and liquid flourine and an empty enriched uranium tank. When I click reprocess nuclear fuel, the antenna pops out and then immediately retracts and nothing happens. I hadn't got far enough on the tech tree for nuclear fuel processing, but even after activating the tech tree node, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Also, I stuck a half fuelled, half depleted fuel candle engine on the side of my docked ship. I can't seem to do anything with it. I've shut down the reactor and waited for it to cool off (showing offline), I have a kerbal on eva and have options to refuel or switch fuels, but again, nothing seems to happen. I have an empty depleted fuel tank and an enriched uranium and plutonim 238 (candle fuel) supply with me. I love this mod, but it's a steep learning curve!
  4. Thanks for the reply. At least I was on the right track, but I'm still a bit confused (it doesn't take much!) I think I have more questions now than I did when I started, so here goes... First, is depleted fuel needed to produce new fuel at the science lab, or is it simply a waste product that needs a place to be stored? Second, I will be taking a reactor, open cycle gas core engines, and candle engines, all using different nuclear fuels. Can the fuels for all 3 be produced in the science lab? Do I need a seperate nuclear storage tank for each type of fuel, or can the fuel type of a tank be changed once out the VAB? Third, if I need raw materials to produce the fuels (you mention enriched Uranium and Thorium), how do I produce these? I've only used the vanilla ISRU because I've only ever needed liquid fuel and oxidiser. Sorry for so many questions but this is going to be a massive mission. I'm looking at taking everything I need in one go and need to get things right. I don't want to get years down the line when my reactors run out of fuel and realise I've forgotten or misunderstood something. I normally don't mind going through the learning process by trial and error, but I don't think that's possible in this case. Thanks again
  5. I'm in need of advice again... Is there anything I can look at, or can someone advise where I should start with reprocessing nuclear fuels? I'm looking at setting up some infrastructure around Jool and would like to be able to keep it running indefinately. I am taking a science lab, and see that has the facility for processing nuclear fuels, but have no idea where to start using it. I take it I need depleted fuel to reprocess, and would need storage tanks to store it. Do I need any other raw materials? I have 3 different nuclear fuels that I need to be able to replenish, Uranium Nitride, Uranium-233 and Plutonium-238. Can these all be processed in the science lab? I've also seen mentioned things like reactor embrittlement/actinide build up. Where do I begin dealing with that? Any advice much appreciated!
  6. For me, I would prefer a switch in the engine context menu to allow useage of stored EC, or, even better, a slider from 0% - 100% to limit how much of the available stored charge the engine can use i.e. once the engine drains the batteries to 50%, the engines shut off. My main issue is that I'll be out at Jool with my sattelite where the solar energy available is very much reduced. Not being able to use batteries to supplement this means I have to go reactor and generator route, which is overkill for a small survey satellite.
  7. Only part mods are KSPIE and anything it recommended when installing with CKAN. Edit - also have KIS and KAS installed. Just built a basic craft. Mk1 command pod, 1000EC battery, large xenon tank, ion engine and 2 gigantor panels. Use console to put it in orbit. Engine lights up blue but no plume and no thrust (battery fully charged and not being drained by engine). Open panels in sunlight and engine plume fires up and thrust. Close panels and engine plume stops, no thrust. For some reason it's not taking any power from the batteries. Also, just tried a reactor version in a new sandbox game and that works fine, but a battery craft still doesn't work. It just seems to be batteries that don't work.
  8. Batteries are fully charged. I have both stock EC batteries and IFS Caps (and have tried various combinations of them and lithium batteries). The engine is not using them at all. Engines shut off as soon as I close solar panels. Batteries are fully charged.
  9. I did try messing with the slider, it made no difference. I did notice that slider acting odd though. In some positions the figures above the slider would flicker on and off really fast. Made it hard to grab the slider as it kept moving. I had updated to KSP 1.7.1 recently, and KSPIE updated through CKAN. I reverted back to KSP 1.7.0 because Kopernicus is not updated yet. I've manually reverted KSPIE back to which is for KSP 1.7.0.
  10. Thanks for the reply. It's the stock dawn ion engine but running on liquid argon instead of xenon. No reactors, it's a small(ish) satellite. Power sources are 2 gigantor solar arrays which work when in sunlight. I'm also loaded up with IFS capacitors (10 of them, scaled down to 1.25m) which have MJ and EC, but the engines are not using them.
  11. I'm having trouble again Ion propulsion this time. I can get it to work with solar panels, but the engines stop working when not in direct sunlight. They still glow, but the exhaust stops and there's no thrust. I've tried taking along all sorts of different batteries but nothing seems to work. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated. Had a bit of time to experiment and run some tests on my craft now, and it's working pretty well. Over 7000dv which should be enough for Tylo and Laythe. Think I'll ditch the generator, it's a bit overkill for what I need and the mass penalty is too much. Was hoping it would soak away some of the heat from the reactor, but I'm getting my head around radiators a bit now. Didn't realise they work better as they get hotter, so I'm levelling off at about 50% overheat on the reactor. Also didn't realise the reactor reduces output if the engines aren't running, so don't need 4.5GW of cooling! With another node on the tech tree I should be good.
  13. @FreeThinker Me again I'm afraid. I'm just venturing into nuclear reactors. I have a small craft I'm testing for use as a Laythe/Tylo lander. I have a pebble bed reactor with a thermal power generator attached and using four 1.25m aerospikes on radial tanks. This may be my inexperience with these components, but I've noticed a couple of things. First, the aerospikes are producing more thrust when I scale them down from 2.5m (145KN) to 1.25m (581KN). It's not a problem, obviously the engines are lighter at 1.25m, but I was just wondering if this was correct? Is it because there is not enough thermal energy to run all four properly when they are at 2.5m? Second, the mass of the thermal generator is 6t until I connect it to the reactor. It then goes up to 18t which doesn't change if I scale down the thermal generator. If I remove the reactor, or place the generator so it is not directly connected to the reactor, it goes back down to 6t, though obviously it doesn't work then. The craft is 125t fully fueled, so an extra 12t appearing from seemingly nowhere is affecting it's performance quite a lot. I'm still using 1.21.5 so apologies if this has already been fixed. Lastly, can anyone advise on radiators? I used curved graphite radiators which work really well in atmosphere, but are are not good enough in space. Which radiators would work best outside the atmosphere? They need to be fairly compact as this is a small craft. Thanks
  14. Hi. I've updated KSPIE again and removed the module as requested. Science transmitted as expected. I didn't realise you had added a science experiment, so before I removed the module, I gave it a go. I got an error message: "Science Lab Experiment requires a scientist but doesn't specify where. This module doesn't seem to be working properly." Could this be because my science lab was launched before the update?
  15. @FreeThinker Hi, I'm having trouble transmitting science from a science lab I have in orbit of Minmus. It's been up there a while and has been working fine until very recently. I tried transmitting 600 science and it goes through the process of transmitting, reaches 100% and says "done", but no science is added. The 600 science remains on the lab. I tried transmitting data, and that works fine. I'm using KSPIE downloaded and installed with Ckan. KSP version I've also just tried reverting to KSPIE, and that seems to work fine, so I'll continue to use that version for now. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me?