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  1. Turbo Ben

    What does everyone think of my wood computer?

    Thanks. Yes, it's a corsair H100i V2. I built it about 2 years ago and everything was new at the time. It was probably less work than it looks, I got my local wood shop to cut most of the pieces to size The only really difficult bit was the back panel and radiator mount.
  2. I have the RTX 2070 fitted and am happy to report that my frame rate is silky smooth and the physics clock is solid green except at 4x acceleration. Even then it's only the odd yellow tick. Expensive way of getting scatterer to work though lol I've already been told off once for going off topic, so I've started a thread:
  3. Hi guys. I mentioned in another thread that I had made my PC out of wood and someone requested I post up some photos, so here we are First time uploading photos and I'm not sure it's worked as intended, but we'll see. I've built the computer into a support for a large desk. At the bottom is a 6 1/2" sub, just above that is a compartment housing the power supply (and a rats nest of wires), then the motherboard and water cooling radiator, then at the top is a compartment housing a blu ray drive, memory card reader, hard drive and the audio amp. The wires hanging out at the top right are the power switch, usb connectors and volume controls, which will all be mounted to a black acrylic panel. There's also a small relay in here that is activated by the power supply. When I shut down the computer it switches off the mains power to 3 monitors and audio amplifier. Close up of the motherboard. This section will be covered with a perspex front when I get round to having it cut. RGB goodness I also have an RGB strip to fit. Back of the computer. I've had it in bits fitting an RTX 2070. Thankfully it swapped straight in with the GTX 1050 that was there before. The back panel was the most difficult to do, getting all the cut-outs for the motherboard, GPU and radiator was a nightmare! Sunrise over the KSC with my Jool transport ship ready to launch The monitors are suspended from the wall and all the wires are hidden. Also note the 2 speakers above the monitors, finished with a shelf running full width accross the top. Some specs: Water cooled i7-7700k overclocked to 5GHz. Delidded and lapped with thermal grizly metal paste. Top temp I saw when overclocking was about 70C! Asus ROG Strix Z270E Gaming motherboard 16GB DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z 500GB Samsung evo m.2 SSD. Boots to Windows 10 desktop in about 13 seconds. Gigabyte RTX 2070 windforce. Haven't tried an overclock yet, only just fitted it. 1TB standard HD. EVGA 650W modular power supply. I'd be interested to see if anyone else has done anything like this. Also happy to answer any questions if you have them.
  4. Well I've just pulled the trigger on an RTX 2070, so if it's GPU related, that should fix it. I'll post up results once I have it fitted. Might be a while though, my case is less than conventional. I made it out of wood lol
  5. Hi, sorry for the delay. I've tried running a fresh install of scatterer with just one monitor at 1920x1080. Ran very smoothly, excellent frame rate and a launch at 4x speed had solid green physics clock. I haven't tried 2 monitors as it's not that easy to disconnect one of the monitors and I'm not sure I can run accross just 2 monitors. Turns out I can span just 2 monitors, so gave it a go at 3840x1080. Frame rate seemed good and physics clock OK at normal speed. Goes yellow at 2x speed and red at 3x though. Disabling ocean shaders made no noticeable improvement to the physics. Definately looks like it's just the resolution I'm trying to run, but not sure why stressing the GPU is affecting physics. I'm using Nvidia surround to span all 3 monitors and also using bezel correction if that makes any difference. If there's anything else you need let me know.
  6. Right, I've been having a play about with the open cycle gas core engine, and the good news is it's not the issue. As I suspected, the problem was with the fluid engines that were docked with my station (the same engines I was having trouble with before). When I docked the gas core engine the status in the reactor window immediately went from active (0.040%) to Active (0.000%) and no longer worked. After reloading, I undocked the fluid engines before docking the gas core engines and all was good.
  7. Hi, I'm still having trouble with the open gas core nuke. It's now doing what the rotating fluidized nukes were doing where there is no response at all untill the reactor is shut down. I had a look at the output log and the following is spammed: (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) [KSPI] - managedProvidedPowerSupplyPerSecondMinimumRatio illegal values. This may be because the engines were docked with a station that also had the fluid nukes docked on it. I can upload the output log if it will help, but it's 126Mb.
  8. My bad, I should have seen that. Report below. KSP: 1.5.1 Windows 10 64bit Problem: Very low frame rate and physics clock going yellow. (normally green until 3x acceleration) Mods installed: Scatterer 0.0336 Reproduction steps: Started a new game with all mods removed except a fresh download of scatterer. On load, very low frame rate at KSC. With 2 part ship(small command module and flea engine) flickering yellow clock on launch pad and very low frame rate. Worse during flight, solid yellow clock when camera looking back down at Kerbin. Log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/itps2rseq5a58xn/output_log.txt?dl=0
  9. That makes sense. Is there a distance where this no longer applies, or is it anywhere in Kerbin's SOI? Can you use higher throttles at greater distances? I think I was trying to use the engines prograde at a 1000Km apoapsis (so should have been parallel), but can't be sure. I'll have another go later. Did you get anywhere with the rotating fluid nuke problem? Thanks.
  10. OK, managed to find the config file and disabled all 3. Clock is now green but flickering yellow. GPU is still maxing out, but the frame rate is massively improved. Been looking at GPU's today and think I'm going to go for a new RTX 2060. Any advice on which one to go for? I've seen about 20 variants already and not really sure what to look for, other than headline clock speeds. Can they all be manually overclocked or is it like intel K series CPU's where they need to be unlocked? Thanks
  11. Me again I'm afraid. I'm now having problems with the open cycle gas core engine. I have a craft with 2 of these engines. They seem to throttle up OK, giving some thrust, untill about 50% and then just die after that. In the reactor control window, I see the Geeforce overload going up to 99% at about the same time the engines cut out. If I throttle back down, the geeforce overload % drops and the engines start to produce a small amount of thrust again. Also, if I try using them too close to Kerbin, they shut down. I understand why, but is there a way to get them to work again once they are further away from Kerbin? I'm running 1.6.1 now, and I'm getting a message from MM that KSPIE is not compatible. Is it just a case of waiting for an update? Thanks.
  12. Turbo Ben

    Updated to 1.6 - ships gone.

    No clue. Maybe just a glitch the first time I tried or maybe there's been a fix applied in the last few days since I first tried. I'm just happy to have my fuel depot back, that thing took 4 launches, 3 hours of orbital construction, an encounter with the Kraken, 4 more launches, 3 more hours construction and a very delicate transfer to MInmus. I'm hoping to take it to Jool with me when I go, but I've got a feeling the Kraken might have other ideas! By the time I've got a new shuttle, mining base and the engine stage attached it's going to be massive!
  13. Turbo Ben

    Updated to 1.6 - ships gone.

    Yep, that looks like all of them. Interestingly, I just tried a save where I undocked my nuclear transport stage from the fuel station and terminated it. Everything else came back! I did mess with the unknown objects a bit, but most of them are in the "worlds beyond" systems, and I couldn't be bothered tracking them all down. Even more interestingly, I've just tried the original save and now it seems to be working. Maybe there's been a MM patch introduced to fix the problem? Thanks again for all the help.
  14. Turbo Ben

    Updated to 1.6 - ships gone.

    I'll give it a try shortly. I'm just reading the tweekscale forum and it looks like that might be the cause of my woes. Some changes in 1.6 mean tweekscale doesn't work and many of my ships have scaled parts. I may be able to recover my Minmus station as I don't think I scaled any of those parts, but there is a ship docked that does.
  15. Turbo Ben

    Updated to 1.6 - ships gone.

    Thanks for the attempt, but I can't load the save. It says it's not compatible with the version of KSP I have and won't load at all Had quite a few warnings from MM on start-up, including one just named "scale". I'll update as many of the mods as I can and see if that helps. Thanks again for taking the time to help.