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  1. So far all flight that uses imperial units, uses feet/min not feet/sec. And named VSI ( Vertical Speed Indicator ) Just a head up. And For me the units used in that screenshot, except the feet/sec. is something I can relate to, when flying in atmo. Been flying sims sins chuck yeager. old amiga 500 days I just hope we can select a orbit MFD that is using standard metric system. So if one is to go IVA and outside. There will be no 2 different number for the same thing.
  2. Will take some time though. Have been busy having mouse arm problems. Had to lay low with using computers. But got better and started to model more of the lifters for the shuttle. Anariaq
  3. I actually looking forward to this IVA. Think the reason we do not use IVA that much, is that the uselessness of the Instrument. To have access to some of the information that is needed to do some of the navigation, you have to get outside where they are located. With this IVA instrument, we have a possibility to do all work in IVA. Anariaq
  4. Thanks. Here a little update. Added more to the exoskeleton. Also made a new chest piece. Do not know with one I should use. EDIT: more update of the armor Anariaq
  5. Little update of the Alien lady. hopefully I have covered enough to not be to offensive. Have made more of the body armor. Or actually more of an exoskeleton to protect the seal of the suit, that I will model later. Anariaq
  6. My suggestion is to use the box select tool or other select tool and fill those out instead. Alot easier instead of using the UV map. Advice use UV map only as an guide, also layers can be you best friend.
  7. I had a problem with engines before. Maybe the thrust center is inside collision mesh? I had one before where the center of thrust was inside the collision mesh and did not work. Maybe that is the problem? Anariaq
  8. My contribution, My alien lady with helmet. EDIT: Added more gribbles Anariaq
  9. AH. I think then the center of the airlock box is to far out. When kerbals spawn when exit, is the center of the airlock box. Had one when it was to close and the kerbals just ejected out from the airlock
  10. Started to add gribbles to the internal for the Wing. The lower deck will be empty at this stage. When IVA where you can move around, I will add additional stuff at the lower deck. EDIT: started to add texture to the interior Anariaq
  11. What I think is wrong, is that the ladder dos not intersect the mesh. What I have gathered is that ladder need to intersect the collider so KSP know where the ladder is.
  12. It is based on pictures of the Kerbals. But did not have anything near T shape, so the proportion is just an estimate of the size of the kerbals. Anariaq
  13. Hope it will BTW a little surprise, 6 hour work for a little thing I needed for my space station. An ATV. EDIT: Finally got it to my spacestation. It is an ATV that currently only transport fuel. Maybe will make others later. Download version 0.00001 EDIT: forgot to say that installing it. Just extract it to the GameData folder. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ncatv/ Anariaq
  14. Yes will make the balanced one. But think that to start I finish the shuttle it self and make the "cheat" version, while I finish the rest of the models. Many thank! And just to have something.
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