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  1. Sounds like I'll have to reinstall everything, or start removing mods until it works. I don't have ksc extended in my gamedata folder, so something is off. Maybe it's hidden itself
  2. I don't have KSCextended. Searching for it gamedata reveals zilch
  3. So, I think I need some help. I can't seem to get the added buildings, harbours and space centers to show up. KK and OSSNTR are the latest version (unless they've been recently updated), I don't have KSC extended (tip from JadeofMaar), nor Tundra space industries. There does seem to be a config in NFE for something called Tundra, don't know if that's it. Attempted removing KS3P, no joy. What am I missing (or inadvertently adding)? Output log and save here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/caqhmj5flxo6g78/AACS7G2BKSnwuUbFCNGS1sAMa?dl=0 Many thanks Edit: Realised I have CTTP for some reason. Trying without it
  4. Kerbalism has a function where it gives a warning when loading a save with incompatible mods. I have no idea if that would be easy to add to jnsq or if it's really needed (depending on how many mods are actually incompatible). I think SirMortimer wrote that in kerbalism
  5. I'm sure this is an insidious plan from Sir Mortimer to ensure even more dead Kerbals...
  6. IIRC, you get "invalid situation" if the Mun is within Kerbins magnetosphere. You're both in mun orbit and in a Kerbin-specific thing. So it becomes invalid. A bit of timewarp might do the trick
  7. Thanks. Some updates must have snuck in. MiniAVCs can be deleted, as far as i understand?
  8. I'm on 1.7.3, and hadn't updated any mods lately. I tried reverting the kerbalism version, to no luck. I did get messages that b9 partswutch was failing, but that disappeared with an update. Guess I'll do a reinstall
  9. Hi I keep getting crashes at start up. I get a warning that module manager has had a fatal error, and it needs to quit the game. I don't know how to read crash logs, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Replication steps (I think this might have caused it, but i can be wrong) 1. Update Kerbalism 2. Forget to add the core module, only the configs 3. Launch the game 4. Nothing works 5. Install all the kerbalism things 6. Get crashes on start up Output log and player log at dropbox link https://www.dropbox.com/sh/caqhmj5flxo6g78/AACS7G2BKSnwuUbFCNGS1sAMa?dl=0 Thank you to any and all that might be able to help.
  10. As was said, it's about comfort. I guess cheating the comfort in some way that is easiest for those making this mod. I wouldn't want to spend 30 days in that tiny thing, pressurised or not...
  11. Could you explain how you did that? I'm having the same problem with a mun flyby and minmus orbit. The game won't recognise new vessels that do the thing.
  12. Principia won't run on 1.7.3. Kopernicus won't run on 1.7.2, but both run at 1.7.1. But breaking ground seems to still work, so that's nice
  13. It seems that I don't understand how backports work. Are they supposed to make it so that I can run the new version on 1.7.2 (can't go higher due to principia). On 1.7.2 kopernicus gives a warning that it wont work. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. The devs for Kerbalism actually uploaded a supporting version yesterday, so it's not an issue after all. Thanks anyway for your suggestion
  15. Mod compatibility request: Is it possible to nerf the probodobodobodyne qbe when Kerbalism is installed? Kerbalism uses hard drive space, and early cores have 0.5-1.0 Mb of storage, but the qbe gets 80Mb, so it's OP in early career. Asking here, since Kerbalism dev team have other priorities before supporting this mod.
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