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  1. Could you explain how you did that? I'm having the same problem with a mun flyby and minmus orbit. The game won't recognise new vessels that do the thing.
  2. Principia won't run on 1.7.3. Kopernicus won't run on 1.7.2, but both run at 1.7.1. But breaking ground seems to still work, so that's nice
  3. It seems that I don't understand how backports work. Are they supposed to make it so that I can run the new version on 1.7.2 (can't go higher due to principia). On 1.7.2 kopernicus gives a warning that it wont work. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. The devs for Kerbalism actually uploaded a supporting version yesterday, so it's not an issue after all. Thanks anyway for your suggestion
  5. Mod compatibility request: Is it possible to nerf the probodobodobodyne qbe when Kerbalism is installed? Kerbalism uses hard drive space, and early cores have 0.5-1.0 Mb of storage, but the qbe gets 80Mb, so it's OP in early career. Asking here, since Kerbalism dev team have other priorities before supporting this mod.
  6. While waiting for the update, I'm dying to try JNSQ. If I keep playing on 1.7.0 for now, when kopernicus updates it'll still work in 1.7.1 right? Providing jnsq and all the other mods work in 1.7.1 of course
  7. I understand. NH works fine with the current kerbalism, but i might go back to stock if that is needed (I grew a bit tired of the stock system tbo). I'll ping on discord if I can it get to work
  8. Will playtesting savegames still work with the final released version when that time comes? I'm also using the new horizon planetpack and KCT. Will 3.0 work with that?
  9. Haha, i knew i should have done more troubleshooting before bedtime. Will fix tomorrow. Thanks
  10. Hullo @linuxgurugamer I've encountered a bug that is only there when I have the mod enabled through the settings menu. Log file here: This is my first time asking for support in the forums, so please bear with me. When simulating a launch with KRASH, or launching a built vessel, upon staging the entire thing flips 90 degrees, and goes zooming off accross the ground. If I simulate or launch with mod disabled, everything works. I've looked through the previous pages, and not found mention of this. I know that my KCT is not the very lates version, but the changelog looks like this hasn't been covered. I use CKAN for most of my mods, and everything is listad as up to date. Insert your favourite line about me appreciating your mods *here*
  11. Step 1: Install NH and get Kopernikus failure warning Step 2: Look through months of posts discussing the issue Step 3: Fins out someone has made a fix, install it, and start playing with new planets Step 4: ??? Step 5: Profit Thanks man
  12. Hi all. Does Kerbal Engineer work with this? I've never played with planet packs before, so this is new to me. It's not listed as compatible mod, but I thought i'd ask
  13. Including a functionality that you personally won't be using just in case someone likes it? You sir, are a gentleman.
  14. I think i like the engine upgrade, but then again i like going with realistic approaches. In the spacex-thinking, increasing engine performance over time makes sense. Perhaps increasing isp a little as well, not just engine thrust? One thought: By getting the two next nodes you get the first update (i.e. reseaching the mainsail gets you the first upgrade for the reliant, and so on) as a different sort of engineering development. No idea if that's possible though