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  1. The smeltery having separate internal and surface temperatures is new info for me. Thanks for pointing out that the freshly smelted Metal will carry it's heat to the storage tank. I did enjoy reading the nitty gritty in the manual, which is why I was expecting Scrap to convert into Metal 100%. [Note to self: it converts 100% by mass not by quantity, so I need a much smaller Metal storage tank.] Thanks for putting me back on track to building my 15,000 ton station taniwha! - Tharl
  2. 10 Scrap remelting into 1 Metal is normal. Efficiency climbing to 100% while the temperature stays around 300 is only affecting the amount of time to remelt the 10 scrap (and thus fuel burned). Am I understanding that correctly? Thanks for the quick response! -Tharl edit: I noticed that my math was off by a decimal. Scrap to Metal conversion may be a 10:1 ratio by quantity, but it is 1:1 by mass. I tested the conversion chain farther along in a sandbox game and the QUANTITIES roughly go 10 Scrap ~ 1 Metal ~ 10 Rocket Parts.
  3. I just got my first smelter into orbit, thinking that I could recycle the crew launcher and return to the planet via capsule, but the smelters only return 1% of the Scrap as Metal. The thermometer I placed on the smelter hovers around 300 degrees Kelvin, but the info panel on the smelter shows efficiency climbing steadily. Is there a way for me to change the efficiency to a fixed value while the temperature systems gets fine-tuned? I am using ExtraPlanetaryLaunchpads version 6.3.2 with KerbalSpaceProgram version I am also running Tweakscale, CivillianPopulation, KerbalInventorySystem, KerbalAttachmentSystem and their supporting mods as well, but I have the same problem after un-installing and re-installing just ELP, MM, KIS. take care and have fun! -Tharl