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  1. May I suggest to enabling the mod by default in the VAB? It would be reasonable to assume that a user wants to see the more accurate CoL-indicator, especially after taking the steps to install this mod.
  2. Yeah, how is this supposed to work? Transmitting a picture of a body gives science, but no research progress.
  3. Is this mod supposed to prevent world first exploration contracts for bodies I haven't discovered yet? Because I am playing galaxies unbound and I am getting a contract for a body called Denis-P which I have never heard of, I haven't even unlocked the observatory or telescope yet.
  4. It's cool but it is a buggy hot mess. Every time I come up with an idea for something to use robotics for, I run into a bug. And the support is not great. There are hundreds of reported bugs which I don't think will get fixed any time soon. I don't think its worth the trouble and don't recommend supporting this sort of sales practice.
  5. Can you make it so that the undiscovered bodies don't show in the science archives? Or is there an alternative mod to check what research I have already found?
  6. Hey, thanks for updating this mod. It is very much needed. You should add it to ckan, it only shows the version compatible with KSP 1.3.9 on there. EDIT: nvm I just had to refresh.
  7. Is it a bad idea to install this for an existing save? I'd like to look into this mod, but I'd rather not start from scratch, launching sounding rockets.
  8. KSP Version: v1.7.3 Windows 64-bit What Happens: The delta v does not seem to work properly when using multiple engines on the engine plates. See the following screenshots. The first one shows a minimal craft with an engine plate and just one engine. Note from the fuel flow overlay, that the radial decouplers have crossfeed enabled so the second stage has fuel and thus delta v left after the radial tanks are drained and detached. This is reflected in the delta v values. In the second image we just add a second engine and it breaks. Mods / Add-Ons: All Stock Steps to Replicate: 1) Make a hecs probe core, a rockomax 16 tank below it, two radial decouplers with rockomax 16 tanks and crossfeed enabled. Attach an engine plate to the central tank, set the number of attach nodes to two. Add two swivel engines 2) Put the engine plate and engines in the first stage (1) and the radial decouplers in the second stage (0). Result: Delta v calculation is wrong. Second stage should have delta v but calculator shows none. Fixes/Workarounds: - Do the maths myself. - Use heavier, more expensive, and less kerbal rockets without radial tanks. Other Notes/Pictures/Log Files: - The engine plates do not seem to be the problem. The same issue occurs with older structural parts or even engines that can be clustered directly on the tank. - Images Link: https://imgur.com/a/7cpycwv - Craft file: https://pastebin.com/iXyBVrts
  9. New player here, having the exact same issue.
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