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  1. The ETS Centaur E has scant details (that I could find). It has the same mass as the Centaur G. As for the engines, they have a lower thrust that the RL-10A4, but higher ISP, and are certainly an in-universe RL-10 variant. I decided to go with the 2.5m diameter because I don't think you'd see the same shape of the Centaur G without a shuttle program or a rocket similar to the TItan with a relatively smaller core diameter but high TWR from the large boosters. The wider base also gave me room to use the R-10Bs, which give similar ISP numbers to the wiki. A squatter Centaur also makes sense with the fairing sizes on the Saturn Multibody, as it would leave more room for the payload. As for the inspiration, I was just reading through ETS and wanted to try reverse engineering the rocket from the details that were given. I was not on the dev stream. Anyways, here's the Delta 5060 with a slightly widened fairing. It didn't actually get to orbit with the payload, but I just need to get more experience with the PVG settings and the new thrust balance in general. Pics:
  2. I decided to try building the Delta 4000 and Delta 5000 from ETS from the sparse details in the wiki. While I was testing a 2.5m version with a linear thrust plate (it looked like a dumpy Atlas V), I found a conversation between E of pi and Cobalt from 2016 with some more details that confirmed that 2.0m version would be more accurate (and look more like a Delta). Here's the 4120 with 12 Castor 4s. The payload specifications are fairly close to the wiki, at least compared to real world designs at 2.7x scale. The low TWR of the Centaur D (and Centaur E) stages means that a lofted trajectory is required, and I need to fiddle around with the ascent to optimize it. I also need to redesign my Delta 5000 as well with the 2m core stage. I was using a 2.5m diameter for the Centaur E (which also has sparse details), and I'll probably stick to that. It will probably end up looking a lot like a Delta III with the widened upper stage and GEM 46 boosters. Pics:
  3. Does your replica payload weigh in at 6 tons? Masses are going to be different both for the rocket and payload due to the KSP scale factor(s).
  4. Is that the OG return capsule making a comeback? Can't wait for Corona. That's going to be nice for career early game science grinding.
  5. You can just delete the Tech_hidden=True line in the *.cfg in order to get them to be selectable. The dev build versions are the same as the released build, just hidden from the selector. Same with the Juno and Redstone.
  6. For the Juno IV, what are the presicted stage by stage TWRs from Mechjeb/KER? I know that I have had to underfuel one or both of the upper level tanks to get appropriate TWRs. Of course, you could always add 2-4 Castors, which is what I generally did.
  7. Friznit's wiki has a great page on the fatlas, and which engines would be used:
  8. Za Warudo Space Agency Day 15 - Day 27 Summary: 2 Successes, 1 Partial Success, and 1 Stand Test. No additional cans of "Mystery Goo."
  9. Firing would be appropriate for a normal director, but ZWSA is not so lenient.
  10. Za Warudo Space Agency Day 6 - Day 15 Summary: 1 Successful launch, 1 Stand Test, 3 Unforgivable Failures. An entire engineering team MIA.
  11. That was the first orbiter. I went back to the beginning though.
  12. EDIT: Alright, I do have time an actual write-up. Agency: Za Warudo! Space Agency (ZWSA). Director: Dio Kerman Motto: Conquest of the world by space! Flag: Bio: After Enrico Pucci remade the universe, DIO found his immortal soul adrift shunted into the outer multiverse. Would this be an opportunity for a revival? For a chance for the once godly DIO to resume his conquest of the universe itself? Unfortunately for DIO, he emerged on a minor world, without access to either his vampire or Stand abilities. Reborn as Dio Kerman, DIO would have to rely on his charisma and wit to dominate the new world. While the Kerbals were not respective to displays of brute force, they had an obsession with space travel. In order to get the Kerbals to follow him, Dio muscled his way into the leadership of the Kerbal Space Program, which he renamed after his former Stand, Za Warudo! Now, to plumb the secrets of the universe and keep his easily distracted minions occupied, Dio would have to begin the conquest of the world, via space. Difficulty settings and modlist: Day 1 - Day 5 To begin the conquest of the world by space, Dio's Kerbals would need to collect basic data to raise funds from the public and aid in the design of new instruments and equipment. To do so, the ZWSA would deploy some small sounding rockets. Observing the tiny rockets as they left the assembly building, Dio decided to christen the line after the most pathetic person he could think of: It was only appropriate that the rocket would fail to even get off the ground. The engineer who had failed to test the first SRB stage was severely punished for this humiliating incident. The second rocket, with an additional SRB kick-stage, was much more successful, taking radiation and temperature measurements in both the atmosphere and in space. Seeing the risks of flying rockets without proper testing. Dio made sure that his minions would appropriately test the next generation of engines, while additional sounding rockets were added to the production queue. EDIT: 2 Launches. 1 successful, 1 MUDA.
  13. Just like a certain modern rocket, I think that it will be delayed every year for a couple of years, cancelled and replaced with a project with a less ambitious scope. That subsequent project will also be delayed every year. In reality, it sounds like it's supposed to come out in March. That's not too suprising, as a lot of games are slated for March 2020 so that their revenue can be on the books.