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  1. I'm interested in submitting a run. I have some questions: *What's the KCT config in use? *What difficulty settings are in use? *Is there a mod blacklist/whitelist? *I normally play with USI LS/MKS and Oh Scrap! for additional difficulty. Should I remove them for this challenge?
  2. Given the overall owner and industry trends, I'm sure that there will be more DLC than KSP, and at least some of that will be on scale of microtransactions. My guess microtransaction types: -New solar systems to colonize. -Skins, flags and similar regailia. -Historical part packs. None of this is a real issue, but I am concerned how this plays into the multiplayer. Not having an in-game currency would make things like disposable supply packs mostly a non-starter, but there's always a chance that something similar may shown up. Of course, there may end up being an in game storefront. That decision isn't going to made by the devs, but probably by people who have little knowledge or interest in the game outside of being a platform for spending.
  3. Given the focus on sci-fi elements in the KSP2 launch material, KSP2 may not be the best game for 50s-70s style historical rocketry. Of course, I would love to see the models ported over. I have the feeling that they'd be up to snuff compared to whatever parts are included at launch.
  4. The new 'Erebus' engine from Nertea's Cyrogenic Engines is a replica of the Energia engines, works very well with the Tantares parts. I found that you get the expected payload and an workable TWR using this engine with a fuel-switched Energia stack without having to make any config adjustments.
  5. It looks like the race is off to a great start. I read through the last thread, and this one is clearly progressing at faster clip (loosened rules probably help). Good luck to all contestants!
  6. Looking nice! For your fleet, do you plan to keep to historical/alt-history equivalents, or do you plan to roll out more custom designs. Either way, the screenshots look great and I look forward to Independence in its complete glory!
  7. Thanks! There is a duplicate DIRECT_STS_tank_stack patch that needs to be edited, but the other patches loaded.
  8. I tried using this patch, but it threw duplication errors. Have you made any modifications to the patch since you posted it?
  9. I'm looking for the tweakscale config that was posted to turn the reDirect DCSS into the 4m version for the Delta III. Does anyone know where to find that patch? EDIT: Nevermind. Thanks Friznit!
  10. So, just an munar orbiter then, or are you playing on a larger scale factor than 2x-3x? I guess that in stock scale without LS that stack could give you a flyby around Eve or Duna.
  11. Fair enough. I'll take a look at that to check the interaction. Thank you for your time.
  12. I know about the other cyro engines (for the Arianne) but the H3 actually is set to burn LH2 as of the latest patch.
  13. That seems a bit odd, since you introduced the H3 cyro engine for the diamant. I guess I can always hack an LH2 config for my own purposes.
  14. Do you plan to release revised configs for your hydrolox engines so that they burn LH2. Also, it looks like your fuel tank-engine combos (like thr arianne lower stage) are currently underpriced. The dry cost needs to be increased.
  15. I'm happy to see more great updates. A couple questions on the alt-history elements of the story: 1.) Currently, U.S. ICBM/spy satellite development seems convergent. For instance, it seems like they're still using Atlas-Agena based on your updates. Since, unlike in OTL, launch vehicles won't be expected to serve both scientific exploration and military usage, will we start seeing more divergence in the background military launchers as well? 2.) Are Soviet launches using R-7 style launchers, or are there any differences?