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  1. It has RO configs, so the parts work as expected in stock/2.5x. They're a great complement for BDB, and a Saturn 1B or Titan 3 will carry them nicely. We could use a patch for Cyroengines, so the cyro AJ-10 doesn't use LF.
  2. The new capsule looks beautiful! I especially love the detailed service module. I think this will pair well with Nertera's station parts, especially the 1.875 ones coming down the pipeline.
  3. Gotcha. I think that the Blue streak parts would enable the ETS Europa 1 & 2, and it'd be easy to cobble something for the 2-HE using BDB, cyroengine, KNES and ISRO parts.
  4. Do you plan to just clean up the historical parts, or are you thinking about making the early ETS Europa parts as well? You'd probably only need a couple extra, since most of the second/third stage parts are handled by Knes. The 1.875m Tank and angled mount for the RZ.2s would probably be enough.
  5. Are you using LFO, or using Cyro-engines/Cyro-tanks to do a LH2 build?
  6. The new Angena docking port just blows my mind. It definitely looks like the most detailed part in the mod so far. I think almost everyone would have been happy just to see the exterior texture redone, but the accurate internal truss is something else!
  7. You have to tweakscale the SLS parts to 6.25m. There's a five engine engine plate for it. Friznit has a wiki page for Redirect builds:
  8. I've definitely been waiting for the ATV, since it's nice for some various Gemini lunar missions. Looking pretty good!
  9. Well, right now the probe patch apparently causes my rockets to lose control after they hit 1500m, zero out their acceleration, and proceed unabated into space, so it clearly needs some work. EDIT: Looks like it was my misinterpretation of %MaxQ.
  10. Sat relays are fun, and there are still folks that use RT. I personally have a custom RT patch for the new probes, but I am having issues with the pioneer 7 and S45 extending antennas. For some reason, the Pioneer 8 works fine.
  11. Update looks great! Does anyone have a custom remote tech patch for Tantares?
  12. Looks really good! Are the parts being balanced for quarter-scale/JNSQ or stock?