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  1. On further inspection, it seems like every single one of my in flight craft are affected by this! Which would really suck considering how far I am ;w; None of them are labelled as debris or asteroids and most of them have functional connected probe cores (except for a few with no connection, which have limited probe control as expected). And all my craft use stock parts. After checking my mods though, I did notice I had one mod I that I'm not sure how I got in the first place, "Custom Barn Kit". Removing that seems to fixed it!
  2. I'm in science mode, everything related to building upgrades should be unlocked. I've even used maneuver nodes, not just on other probes and ships, but on this exact same probe just to get out to Jool in the first place! And on the map screen I do get to see my path, both around the current planet/moon and beyond it (I think that's you mean by patched conics?), encounters, periapsis, even my time to periapsis and encounters on the map screen, despite the fact that those exact same numbers are locked out in the corner! EDIT: Double checked, all buildings in the KSP are level 3 (besides the flag pole :Y), and none of them are destroyed. I was hoping saving and reloading a few times would work, but the issue seems to saved to the file now :< Would sharing that help?
  3. I imagine a lot of you might be rolling your eyes right now. Believe me, if I was in your shoes, I'd be right there with you. A lot of people seem to get the communications and piloting mechanics of the game mixed up. I've been playing the game for a while though, and this doesn't appear to be the problem unfortunately. It only seems to happen with probes, that have full power, are not hibernating, and have a stable connection to the KSP, usually through a relay network. Here's an example screenshot for reference. Oddly enough, it doesn't act like you'd expect a typical control locked craft to act; I still have full throttle and orientation control, only maneuver nodes and the Maneuver mode display in the lower left corner seem to be affected. I can even transmit science data back to Kerbin! I've tried going in and out of contact with Kerbin, by having contact interrupted by a planet/moon, hibernating and waking up the probe core, and closing and redeploying the antenna, nothing changes. It has full power, and in fact should never run out of power given the RTGs and the solar panels, at least while the ion engine is off (which it is). Am I just being stupid? Did I miss something? Or is this a bug? I'd really hate to have to deorbit this thing and launch another ion probe all the way to Jool again...
  4. I had initially swapped the nose piece out for the docking port to keep it from overheating and provide a front facing control from point; I'm not sure either of those are necessary with the current design, so that's a great idea :3 I also have no idea how intakes work in general, so I'm glad to know I only need the one!
  5. It usually hits around those speeds, definitely. I've been wondering if it has to do with my ascent; I don't have much experience in that regard X3 I've been trying to keep it relatively flat whilst climbing, but adjusting the craft at those speeds feels quite risky (I've had quite a few attempts simply flip perpendicular during adjustments and overheat/kill all my speed), and SAS tends to slowly pitch up if left to it's own devices.
  6. Thanks! I really appreciate it ^w^ A lot of my early designs actually tried to get away with one nerv! Unfortunately, these ones always ended up stalling at about 50,000 meters, then falling back down, usually burning up if I tried to keep pushing them... Adding some oxidizer to get a short little push to space might be just what that scenario was missing though, I'll try to keep that in mind for future modifications/craft :3 Some earlier designs did try the smaller ore tank, but I had trouble fitting it into the design without introducing drag or getting in the way. Speaking of which X3 Your so right, I should be using a utility bay, can't believe I forgot how useful they are when designing it! Even besides it's obvious features, it's ability to function as an airbrake and a crumplezone is nice for any craft, let alone a multipurpose one. Thank you so much for the suggestion! That's an awesome idea! I never would have thought of it, but I love it! Again, thanks for taking the time to tell me ^w^
  7. After much trial and error, I've finally managed to make my second ever functional SSTO, and the first SSTO I've ever created with a useful payload other then it's pilot! It's built to enter orbit, land on Minmus, spend about 2 and half months processing ore, then lift off to interplanetary space with 6,000 delta V to spare! Kerbal X Download Page Notes/Trivia: The crafts' front-most two fuel tanks are intentionally under-fueled! This was done to help achieve liftoff on the run way; when full, the craft was too unstable for me to fly properly X3 You might want to take this into account if you decide to refuel and take off on Kerbin. Alternatively, you can try to fly it fully fueled if you think your up to the task; I doubt I'm the best at flying :Y There's only one pilot seat and no probe control (making flying with an engineer not very ideal), and the ISRU module and drills are the smaller variants. Refueling takes awhile, even with stock speed up set to max! It does hit 4,000 delta V around halfway through refueling, so you can lift off partially empty if you know where you want to go, or need more TWR. Lift off from Minmus can be kind of tricky, as the craft doesn't have the reaction wheel strength to pitch up at full fuel, and the craft likes to curve after a while and slam one of it's wings into the ice! Simply retracting and rextending the landing gear quickly can help you ascend if you don't have a convenient ramp to use. Feel free to add your thoughts and/or suggest improvements, this is my first serious SSTO, and I'd love to keep building upon what I've learned while constructing it!
  8. It depends; as it currently stands, KSP 1 might have some exclusive features, at least for awhile. I haven't heard anything of breaking grounds robot parts making it in, for example, and it's pretty much been confirmed that some other parts won't make it in (which could be big, depending on which parts they are). KSP 1 will also have a much larger supply of mods until the community catches up with KSP 2, and some mods might take a while to migrate. I personally find Outer Planets to be a must have, and will definitely be visiting Sarnus and Neidon in KSP 1 at least a little until that or an equivalent mod makes it to KSP 2.
  9. The only thing I thought was a little odd was the that the deployed experiments have their own power and communications; is it possible to have them use a craft for power and communication relays? I feel it'd be rather silly to set up extraneous power and communication setups around an already established relay base (which already have very few uses for electrical power once landed). That aside, everything else looks fantastic! Hopefully some of the larger surface features are still physics objects, so they can be grabbed and hauled into space! Could be fun to build advanced cargo missions to bring boulders from deep space to Kerbin
  10. I've been paying much closer attention to delta V, engine weight, and twr as of a late, and I've noticed some interesting things. To start, I've just recently noticed that the overall delta V of a craft is heavily affected by engine weight, sometimes even to the point of affecting which engines I'd prefer to use. Previously, I'd picked engines solely based on their ISP, size relative to the craft/stage, and the overall twr of the final craft/stage. However, since 1.6 added the delta V display to the stock game, I've been gradually prioritizing it over those other things. Nowadays, I'm often shocked to find that the Delta V shoots up when I use an engine with noticeably lower thrust and ISP, seemingly just because of how light the engine is comparatively. I've started using the Spark engine over the terrier in all my deep space 1.25m craft in my early science games, despite the size the difference being quite noticeable; the delta V will tend jump up by shocking amounts just by swapping into the lower efficiency engine! I've even run into some scenarios that make seemingly worthless engines worthwhile; despite the poodle appearing to be inferior to the wolfhound in a variety of ways, it actually gives the craft more delta V in many cases! I'm sure this is an obvious thing that rocket science has to take into account, and I probably look quite dumb to a lot of people right now, but I just find it fascinating how a difference in mass of 1.55 tons can make 113m/s of delta V come from a noticeably less efficient engine! I was just wondering if there was a good way to quickly quantify this at a glance looking at the engine stats. As it stands, I'm only really able to find the best engine for a craft through trial and error, since I'm not really sure how the engines weight plays into things. I've gained a general intuition for how thrust and ISP factor into a crafts design, and this new variable is getting me all confused And now for the "Kerbal" aspect of things; I've recently been infatuated with the idea of making a rocket with the highest possible twr that can reasonably be achieved. I personally find it hilarious when I make rockets that are so powerful, that they are immediately burned up before they could ever hope to hit space Does anyone have any tips for getting the most twr per part, while keeping burn time high enough to use that twr? I'd love that
  11. Funnily enough, I actually kind of hope the new suits do have tron lighting. Not for aesthetic reasons or anything, but just because it'd make it easier to keep track of them in the dark. I remember my first ever interplanetary stranding on Ike; having something other then just the forward facing lights could actually have been quite helpful there...
  12. My first ever docking attempt was, believe it or not, the one in the in game tutorial. I'll bet it took me well over an hour of fiddling and bouncing around (certainly felt like it) before I finally docked successfully. Sadly I messed up a bit afterwards and wasn't able to bring the stranded tutorial kerbal back home due to ship switching being disabled X3 I spent a huge portion of my early time in the game trying to construct very poorly thought out multi-launch rocket probes, so I immediately got a lot of practice with it. Nowadays, I can do it pretty effortlessly if I have full control of both crafts. If the docking ports on both craft are both mounted away from the center of mass, or one craft doesn't have any control, it can be quite a mess, but I can still just barely pull it off with some very careful maneuvering. I still feel pretty bad at it at times, despite the practice, but definitely better then before.
  13. Really proud of it! Love how futury it looks :3 Both sections have inflatable docking ports on them, so the ring can be docked to transport Kerbals and resources, as well as merging the station parts into one vessel so it can be safely switched away from without the ring losing collision and drifting away. Already using it to store Kerbals in space ^w^ It's not the first of it's kind though; I launched a variety of less successful ones, one of which even survived reentry and landing! Thought the ring looked pretty neat flying through Kerbins skies :Y
  14. I just realized that stock rotating parts where announced immediately after I built my first successful jointed rotating space station. Thought that was funny X3 But I'm very excited for the robotic arms and new surface features; I've always been a fan of over the top probes, and I really need good reasons to build rovers! Excited to start recreating articulated landers and rovers as well :3
  15. omg yes!!! They could literally only add what's been explicitly shown in the screenshots and I'd be insta-buying it. Very excited to see incentives for making permenant surfaces bases and actually exploring the surface! And that's not even mentioning stock hinges!
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