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  1. Actually your wrong the Xbox one supports keyboard and mouse and there are games that support that feature for example fortnite supports keyboard and mouse on Xbox one. and keyboards that are designed for Xbox are being released and any keyboard or mouse can support Xbox
  2. I think if the devs where able to add programable computers it would make the game more fun. and when I say programable I mean like there is a computer and you can change what the computer tells the craft to do. For example, once you open the computers GUI you have this side bar with lots of actions, variables and commands (for example two of the actions might be: (input craft name) set target (input variable (1) ) | activate (input function) , throttle (input variable (2) ) | target (input variable (1) = range 0.5 (input command). Now all that I said above may seem like nonsense but here a brief description so a variable is information that can change so variable (1) could be something a part like a docking port or a number such as 5. When you do open it instead of all that nonsense it will be in the “blocky” language so what you see is simplified but underneath it is something the computer can read so let’s say variable (1) was a docking port, the function was RCS, variable (2) was 5, the craft name was ship 1 and the command was dock. you will see something like this: Ship 1, set target as | docking port | | activate RCS | | & | throttle up to |5| When | docking port | is in range | dock | . And the game will see something that it can understand. if this was implemented it would allow you to do stuff such as make the solar panels extends when the battery runs out, make observations and deploy parachutes once below a certain altitude. All while your working on a new craft.
  3. Oh and I’m also having trouble loading the site
  4. Well I have three probes with their status as escaping the sun. All I did was whack on a mammoth engine, big fuel tank and a RCU. And flown it at full throttle just going straight up. Yes there are many tutorials on YouTube except the fact that many of them are for PC. And I’m playing on Xbox one because my PC’s intergrated graphics card is dying and it has 4GB of RAM.
  5. Thanks and yeah I might get him one day. when I know how to rendezvous and the TUTORIALS AREN’T BROKEN. But that aside can things actually escape the sun?
  6. Well yes it’s a fail to get to the Mun but isn’t it amazing that I’ve only played for two weeks and managed to get to the sun by mistake! oh and just recently I tested the mammoth engine and the results were staggering al it was, was one of largest tanks kerodene had, 1 mammoth engine and a unmanned controller. This is what happen so in the last parts of the atmosphere it run out of full and it had an escape trajectory out of Kerbin then after it escaped Kerbin, IT SAID IT HAD AN ESCAPE TRAJECTORY OUT OF THE SUN!!! No because it was by accident so I don’t know how to approach him and his rocket doesn’t have any docking port since he was in the munspulorer
  7. So while I was trying to get bartby to the Mun I messed up the nodes and ended up with poor bartby orbiting the sun by accident and I’ve only been play for two weeks! At least bartby got to see the Mun. We will remember you bartby. is this an achievement or failure?
  8. When I go into the tutorials especially the Mun ones I get to a point where the dialog box freezes and I can’t interact with it and continue the tutorial Im playing on Xbox one ive tried refreshing the tutorials and nothing happened and so I don’t know how to get to the mun and all my 42 attempts have all failed without getting close to the mun Plz fix this.
  9. Everybody I recently KSP Enhanced edition and I realise I was wrong I can play the game for 12 hours and still have fun and with more research into both GAMEPASS AND PS PLUS I realised that most of the GAMEPASS Games Are Firstparty games and since I recently got a PS3 I realised that PS PLUS IS CRAP. I have found bugs and I will report them but I was wrong KSP was well worth the money and I got it at a discount because of sales. i will keep this open but don’t expect me to reply or anything. I’m sorry.
  10. Oh I didn’t mean for it to be biased I’ll fix it Oh well since I don’t own a PlayStation I had no idea about that but on the Xbox store in Australian Dollars it is $52.45 with out the Christmas sale or Xbox live monthly discount sale here it is if you need proof and on PS PLUS in Australian Dollars it is $59.95 have a look for your self and on steam in Australian Dollars without the Christmas sale KSP is $50
  11. I think that by placing KSP Enhanced edition On PS PLUS or Xbox GAME PASS will: stop the criticism about the price bring more players to the game in the long term make more people buy the game make more money (which then can be spent on improving the game) help the game gain popularity and become more affordable note: this is about Xbox, PS4 and other console editions of KSP. I am new to this and I haven’t yet bought the game and I don’t have a PS4 (so I don’t know exactly how PS PLUS works) so please don’t criticise me if I got something wrong note for the developers: I have a Xbox one S And know how GAME PASS works it works like this: it’s a subscription service. As long a the $10.95AUD is paid and your subscription is current you can download and play all the games for free but have to buy the product to own. In a nutshell it’s essentially a service that gives you a “demo” of the full product as long as it is current. And it is very well known with AAA hits such as the upcoming Crackdown 3 and indie hits such as human fall flat