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  1. Out of curiosity, without getting deep into details, what fellow forum members do for a living? Gonna be first here. I'm an engineer and I design various buildings (it's mostly related to strength calculation of constructions)
  2. Start as Nomad and reach the pinnacle of the society Although, it's still not clear how versatile it will be in general (I mean the plot).
  3. I would like to ask for a piece of advice. What security systems for your houses do you guys use? Can you name me several brands that produce quality products, such as fire detectors and motion sensors? I want that to be modern. I mean, I would like to control it remotely and see what is happening in a backyard at the moment. So, it seems I also need cameras. By the way, I have heard about Ajax. So you not if their system worth it? I will be very thankful if you name me at least two companies I can call.
  4. Wow! This is very pleasant to see such results. It seems like most people deal with virtual reality and they know everything. However, this is wrong. Most of them definitely need to read [snip] I think that this article gives the fullest information about the main features of virtual reality.
  5. Oh, this models looks so perspective. I believe that one day people will realize it, thanks for this informative post, Bro
  6. It is really nice that some people are working with such questions
  7. When the Internet is off ** *- -- --* *-* --- --- -
  8. How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real
  9. The most recent AnnenMayKantereit's album is great. I can't help listening to it again and again
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