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  1. I built my first sea plane (which can land on and take off from water) and decided to visit North Statione One.
  2. Valentina made a small trip to Tylo and back.
  3. But aren't the existing values already unrealistic? Engines have a kN thrust value from this and the mass of fuel (which we know because the mass of a rocket is measured in metric tonnes), we can compute that the Isp is, in fact, in seconds. I have zero problem with parts being unrealistic. It is a game and game balance is a proper "excuse". If you want different numbers before your units use one of the mods that make things more realistic, no problem. P.S.: That "unrealistic" argument is a daft one anyway, because it assumes that kerbkind and humankind have discovered similar technologies with similar efficiency. But perhaps Kerbin has some extremely advanced technology in some areas while lacking in others, compare to Earth. And if anything breaks conservation of energy you must enable the suspension-of-disbelief button in your brain, which we do regularly.
  4. I call my approach the "Ballistic Gravity Assist" pizza cutting technique. It uses zero fuel and exactly 42 (stock) parts (which in my oppinion should give extra credit!). I'll let the pictures do the talking. Fall time is less than 1 second. Slice time is instantaneous: 0pts No fuel used at all: 0pts 42 parts: 42pts (6 parts could be optimised but then it would look less pretty) Challenge completed in less than 1 minute: -100pts (I'm assuming I don't get the extra -50pts on top of that). Launchpad: 0pts Total: -58pts Bonus: It provides 3 sets of chopsticks if you wish to consume your pizza that way.
  5. I wholehearteldy agree that fixing bugs should be priority one. Then nothing for a long while. Then again some nothing. Then after some more nothing, features (which I believe this subforum is for). And this is a very low hanging fruit as it probably just requires to edit some strings in config files (localisation shouldn't be too hard, too). Perhaps some research. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot stand a lack of units for things that should have units. For one, currently, there is no way to compare the thrust of an RCS block with, say, an Ant engine. Sure, you can just rig an experimental rig, but then the value it gives for the block is pretty much useless. Secondly, it is a missed opportunity to sneakily get some subtle knowledge into the head of the player. Note also, that it is well known that fixing low hanging fruit issues or implementing easy features from time to time can significantly increase the morale of devs. So that is also a thing to consider.
  6. This should also be a rather minor fix, but it annoys me since I picked up the game. Many scalars lack the proper unit for no reason. Some examples (I probably missed some) Fuel: It has a mass tag, but no unit. The rocket does have units. Suggested unit: t Isp: Suggested unit: s Reaction Wheel: Torque? Is it kNm? Nm? Who knows. Electric Charge: Is it 50J? Or 50Wh? kJ? Antenna Rating: Is it dBi? RCSFX / Thrust Power: Is it kN? It should be kN. Lifting surface: Is it m2? It could also be unitless because it says "relative wingarea" but some have a relative wing area much greather than 1. Legs/Wheels: Stress Tolerance? Is it Pa? kPa? Something different? (Inconsistency: On Wheels the degree symbol is used, on control surfaces it is both spelled out (degree) and abbreviated (deg). Some consistency would be nice.) Separators: Ejection Force. Is it kNs? It should be kNs. Deployable panels: Tracking speed. Is it deg/s? Parachute Diameter: m, probably. It should be applauded that some components already use proper units (e.g. Engine Thrust, Heat components, etc.). Adding a unit would have only advantages. Most prominently: 1. The user could properly assess the effect the parts would have for a given craft. 2. Without effort people would learn what units go with those dimensions. 3. It would be physically correct. Units! Please!
  7. Some rockomax or s3 sized tanks would certainly be nice. Currenly I usually add a large Mk3 Fuselage and 4 or 8 radially attached subassemblies consisting of 1 structural pylon, 1 nerv, 1 NCS Adapter and 1-3 Mk1 liquid fuel tanks depending on the mass of the payload. During the mission one can decouple half of the nervs once some fuel has been drained. Here is a comparison between different numbers of Mk1's for 50t payload. They can offset the extra weight of more engines but of course adding weight that needs to be lifted to orbit. The x-axis is the number of radially attached nervs. Lines are dv in vacuum (scale right), shaded area is acceleration (scale left). I think for 50t I would go for two Mk1 tanks. Anyway, the problem with this approach is that usually some of the pylons float next to Mk3 tank or clip way in. If it was a dedicated round tank, this would be much prettier and easier.
  8. Yes, that is correct. I belive the physics radius is 2.5 km from your currently controlled vessel. Everything outside that sphere is due to be silently deleted by the game. This has bothered me on several instances. For those who use mods, there is a mod that extends that range, but I hear it can make thinks unstable.
  9. So, after the problem returned and affects my laptop now as well, I found that I can fix the problem by tweaking the savegame. By editing the savegame.sfs, finding the Vesselname and changing the alt property from 9390.4182395086682 to 9392 I could load the base. It fell down a bit, but that isn't such an issue on Ike. This is a temporary fix, as it problably surfaces again when I save/load the base the next time (no pun intended). I'd really like Squad to fix this.
  10. Landed my 10t explorer drone plane on Laythe. Now it's chilling on the shore. This thing has such awesome control due to its relatively large wingspan. Fun to fly.
  11. I intentionally didn't post one in order not to spoil the original challenge. I'll add a highscore for everybody who posts a picture of the design. Because pic or it didn't happen
  12. This should be trivial to implement and I'm scratching my head as to why it's not done by default. But at least having the option to do so would be such a time saver. Either a sorting according to in-game or system time would be fine (ideally both).
  13. It's a quality of life issue not a matter of not being able to do something. Especially when tweaking designs, it is very cumbersome to keep re-doing adjustments. It's something that has bothered me a couple of times, so I thought I'd ask.
  14. Doesn't work. If I hit left shift while picking it up, I pick up the entire vessel. If I hit right shift (alt on Windows) I pick up a copy of the part. Regardless of snap.