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  1. do you still have the 128K textures? also this is the 2nd most EVE demanding mod made (maybe)
  2. Now, onto figuring out how bumpmaps(and the rest of eve) work.
  3. The thread has been quiet? making a bunch of small updates?
  4. XPCR will be moving to Vega discord here:
  5. no, I mean the EVE SOI system it's big.
  6. EVE moons + XPCR + SPER = Huge system
  7. @Mythical Donuts has put a (outdated but working) version of XPCR on ckan, ask him to update it to the last stable release (1.1.1) also, any suggestions for XPCR? anyone can answer this.
  8. I don't have it on ckan (and have not used since 1.0.5) if you I want I can try to put it in but I only have dev build with me so it might take a bit.
  9. we need backward support..... NOTHING ELSE
  10. If you mean OPM then yes, XPCR is compatible with OPM, KO and IC.
  11. XPCR is still compatible with OPM. ( I'm saying this because I had 1 or 2 people ask) Also remember that OPE I was talking about? you can make it into a add on and have dwarf planet analogs (Eris, make-make, etc.)