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  1. is it okey if I expand your pack? ( I won't upload it without your permission) also Outer kerbin is compatible with XPCR
  2. Oh look something that was posted 15 hours ago, I should support it! ( ignoring what I said the screenshots look very good )
  3. I edited the cfgs to flip cavran's inclination to ~180 degrees to bring back duna. I don't know the lisence though so I can't post it
  4. Sorry to intrude again but my mod: XPCR is almost done you can PM me if you want me to maintain this mod, it has lots of potential to grow. ( I can't exactly revive though as I'm working on SPE)
  5. Cool, more people making their ideas for kopernicus
  6. I did Somthing like this once, People told me to never do it again XD also give it doe and planetshine visuals and going with the theme add a moon that has bio-hazard symbol on it
  7. I might, just might fix his mod up because @JacobJHC requested it for GTP3. you can ask questions in the kopericus discord and The White guardian, if you don't want this to happen that is OK, I respect your license.
  8. wait! *stares at tekcate's SMA* OK, won't collide with Mios
  9. I have 2 questions: 1. does GEA Lite have the same performance as ? 2. because Scatter and planet shine are bundled( i think) how does this effect planet modders who use those 2 mods for their planets?
  10. my computer has no cooling infact, It overheats while using Ksp (stock)
  11. every planet pack is in my install XD