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  1. I've tested XPCR (and its clouds) in 1.8.1 and so far I have no issues
  2. For anyone wondering, The pack still works in 1.8.x Kop. I also Rigged Cerillion's boulderCo cloud dependicies to my folder so I don't have to install BoulderCo because why not.
  3. There was for me, for some reason all of the GPP planet go orbit Ciro instead of grannus, but it loads just fine.
  4. So, apparently my clouds like to glow in the dark, is their a reason? Or am I just setting something incorrectly
  5. Thank you, I'll contact sdj64 if I ever upload it for download. I'll see what I can do to the mod
  6. Does anyone have a copy of this pack? kerbal stuff (the download) has been shutdown, and I'd like to fix it up? (maybe?)
  7. Oh look, I did a prerelease update of an XPCR that works and is Updated.
  8. @Mythical Donuts owns the forum and spacedock link, I can put the clouds into Github(XPCR already is in github for beta updates as for SD, I can try to work on it and put it in.
  9. I have finally decided to allow people to use XPCR clouds All you have to DO is put XPCClouds into the gamedata (I hope I haven't tested it in a while) All EVE textures and configs were created by Heirloom of the KSP forums and all rights belong to him. I.E. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! Scatterer configs were made by Alaygrounds. All rights belong to them.
  10. Get Winter kerbol (gregrox's christmas pack) with these 2
  11. Thank you, maybe I should read the messages of the forum if I don't get an answer next time
  12. I just wanted to ask what exactly do you put down in a file for the cs?
  13. Xenonclave, do you have a copy of XenosAlt still? I think I know certain people who would like to see that solar system replacer working. :D

  14. Even tho it will take a while to bring Cerillion back to its beauty in 1.7.3, I'm glad you have restarted (hopefully, no activity in a while) development.