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  1. Thanks for the reply, I am however completely stuck on how on earth i would actually swap the terrain shaders, materials and textures. I'm new to ksp modding so i dont quite understand how i could code a plugin to do this without reverse engineering ksp. Any further help would be much appreciated. (I'm not very experienced in c# as i mostly create 3d models / textures. So complex plugins are likely beyond my level of expertise)
  2. I am interested in potentially creating new materials for the surface of kerbin using substance designer. From what i have found from looking around, the go to way to adjust planet properties is to use kopernicus, but exactly how to go about changing planet materials is unclear. I am looking to create materials using the unity standard shader and then replacing the closeup tiling textures (grass, cliff etc) with them. However, it looks like custom shaders are quite code heavy to get working so im not sure how to go about this idea. Any ideas about how to use custom materials for terrain would be much appreciated. just as an example here is an image of a potential cliff material i created.
  3. (I am a beginner when it comes to modding KSP so i apologise if this is a stupid question) In short, is it possible to swap the materials used on kerbins surface (grass, rock etc) for materials which use unity standard shader. I was thinking maybe to use Textures Unlimited because it allows for the unity standard shader in ksp. My idea was to create some new terrain materials using substance designer and then swap out the pretty dull default terrain materials for ones using unity standard shader. Also tesselation?
  4. I'm new to making mods for ksp, i have made some parts but haven't really attempted anything to do with programming (mostly because i can't code). I can however make music and i am interested in a way i can replace some of the default music with my own, is there a way i can put some audio files in the gamedata folder and use some sort of config or plugin to replace the default ones. Sorry if this is a super newbie question, i just couldn't find much online about this - and of course any help would be much appreciated!
  5. I just finished modelling an engine to bring into unity however, when it imports into unity each object has multiple shaders applied. When i try and remove these, parts of the object disappear and it breaks a lot of texturing. Any help on how to import and keep each object with only 1 shader would be appreciated. My model in blender The model in Unity with multiple shaders. The shaders that it creates seem to take the name of either the material on the mesh or the texture which that material is using. What happens when i start deleting the shaders