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  1. Thanks! Happy to share this Cables would be awesome, they could act like a 2d object to get things easy and bug-friendly, think something like redstone in minecraft, so you can give the circuit the shape you desire.
  2. Hi guys! I know that posting a Mod Idea may sound silly since i should do it on my own, but i'm not that good in programming so i would like to just share my idea, if a modder is interested in this project i would be pleased to collaborate on many aspects that can fit my skills. What is KSP missing at the moment? You know the answer! Yet another mod that makes the game stupidly harder and makes you spend your entire life planning your next launch. I like IRL electronics but i don't really love the power management in KSP: something nerd is missing there, i would love to see mor
  3. mmh for rockets you can use Modular Launchpad, you have some objects like Fuel Arm that actually refuels your tank when activated. You can write a Kos script for that if you like roleplay. Like in real life, you can load your rocket with no fuel and wait for the refueling before launch. If you wished to land with an airplane and refuel there, well you can make a refueling vehicle and script it to go near your aircraft when landed, then use some KAS joint objects to attach your plane to the refueling truck
  4. So proud to announce you that after 4 years of playing ksp i actually docked and randevouz manually for the first time without using mechjeb. And i did it in IVA!! "How?" you may ask. I just watched a 10 minutes "how to randevouz and dock for dummies" on youtube. The liftoff sequence was automated by KOS, thanks to the ACFEL flight recording system i wrote in Kerboscript. Check out my post about it in Addons Discussion. The Almaz Station had a trouble with his antennas so i sent jeb there with a Soyuz clone to fix it up. Now that i learn how to dock i'm gonna t
  5. Are you tired of writing on paper your flight data when testing a rocket, in order to write a kos program for auto-liftoff later? I was tired too! That's why i invented my own software. Let me introduce you ACFEL! Automatic Check For Experimental Liftoff! If you are a n00b like me, probably you used to build an experimental rocket, flight it to Kerbin orbit, write down on paper at what altitude you where pitching your nose, and then trying to reproduce your flight it with KOS with more or less Kerbal-Style results. But with this simple program you can finally take some sna
  6. Came back after a month, i'm preparing a gemini trip to the Mun for a scripted rover delivery! Love this Gemini iva by LonesomeRobot!
  7. always check check CHECK CHECK CHECK!!
  8. They say it's no good to have a launch without checklists. I play ksp ground-control-style multiplayer via kos and telnet, i have a scheduled duna test launch for this evening
  9. Hi guys, what do you think about this design? It's meant to be used Apollo-style with the lander going on the surface and docking back on the mothership. Total dV: 8,233 I would like to aerebrake to save up some fuel entering Duna Orbit. But i never did it before. I'm so bad in making graphics but Kronal Vessel Viewer is so dope. The launch stage brings the payload on LKO pretty easily. Its basically 2 Stages, Solid Boosters and Mamooth. Mamooth firing from the launch too. The lander is meant to be small and light, no science there. Tested: can land
  10. there you go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dq-izYMmjw
  11. Hi people! I make some music, electronic beats deeply inspired by the golden age of space, and by ksp can i post them here in the lounge? Or is it spam? Thanks!
  12. Orbiting on MOLE with some graphics tweaking. GEA Lite + KS3P + M.O.L.E. Mod
  13. thanks for the reply. Any ideas con how configure these switches to action groups, using Action Group Extended or Kerboscript? (I'm playing 1.8.1) It would be awesome, adding more and more switches to.. .switch on and off (i actually already switch them randomly during my gameplays.. kerbals loves switches) It would be cool to know what they do in real life too
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