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  1. They say it's no good to have a launch without checklists. I play ksp ground-control-style multiplayer via kos and telnet, i have a scheduled duna test launch for this evening
  2. Hi guys, what do you think about this design? It's meant to be used Apollo-style with the lander going on the surface and docking back on the mothership. Total dV: 8,233 I would like to aerebrake to save up some fuel entering Duna Orbit. But i never did it before. I'm so bad in making graphics but Kronal Vessel Viewer is so dope. The launch stage brings the payload on LKO pretty easily. Its basically 2 Stages, Solid Boosters and Mamooth. Mamooth firing from the launch too. The lander is meant to be small and light, no science there. Tested: can land with chutes only and get back on Duna orbit around 80km. I'm using Deepfreeze module to..... survive Kerbalism! I have almost 60 days of total life support to do science and manual flight operations. All modules have 100% shielding. The service bay module has a lot of KOS computers (i play multiplayer with a friends who connects thru Kos terminal and play as mission control), life support and science. As Apollo teaches: mothership docks the lander, not viceversa. i'm not totally satisfied of the mothership, i could do better, but this one seems working. it gives me 4000 km/s dv from LKO, seems enough for the travel, isn't it? Thanks!
  3. there you go!
  4. Hi people! I make some music, electronic beats deeply inspired by the golden age of space, and by ksp can i post them here in the lounge? Or is it spam? Thanks!
  5. Orbiting on MOLE with some graphics tweaking. GEA Lite + KS3P + M.O.L.E. Mod
  6. thanks for the reply. Any ideas con how configure these switches to action groups, using Action Group Extended or Kerboscript? (I'm playing 1.8.1) It would be awesome, adding more and more switches to.. .switch on and off (i actually already switch them randomly during my gameplays.. kerbals loves switches) It would be cool to know what they do in real life too
  7. i think Soundtrack Editor is already out there: LINK
  8. just a matter of practice (and ship crashing)! my script to send probes in orbit automatically works quite good now
  9. check out my mod ideas in the main thread, there are just sketches. i'm open to every collaboration so if you're working on a mod and want some custom music, hit me up. At this moment i'm not actually requesting mods, i would prefer to collaborate to other modder's work to achieve some experience in gaming and modding as audio designer
  10. it would be a honour to collaborate with the master
  11. Hi guys! I love KSP and i'm also a professional audio engineer, i mainly work with radio stations and recording studios for recording, editing/mixing and production for music and sounds. I always wanted to start practicing with videogames sound, i can program a very little (Kerboscript! seriously, i have some basics skills) and gaming is a very interesting market for audio guys. If you are a modder and have some free time because of the quarantine, are you interested in a collaboration? Some of my skills: Music Production, SFX manipulation and creation, Mixing, Editing, Algorithmic Audio Programming (Pure Data)..... and so on. Some Mod Ideas: BETTER STEREO: I noticed that ksp has not a good stereophonic management. In IVA and Mapview, when you "look right" the engine sound almost completely disappear on the left audio channel. That's not cool at all, have you ever experienced it? DATA SONORIZATION: Do you know these famous youtube videos named "NASA Planet sounds bla bla bla"? Well, maybe you also know that no recording engineers actually went on a Planet to make an album. These are not sound recordings, these are "space data" taken from Electrostatic Analyzers converted into sound, i'm not sure that conversion is 1:1 because human's audio range (and speakers audio range) is pretty limited, so many artistic choices can be done. That's called Data Sonorization, on example of this method of converting data to audio is SSTV sound (of course you know SSTV sound, thanks to Chatterer you spam it everytime you do science!) KSP is basically a folder full of spacey data.. any ideas? RADIOASTRONOMY SOUNDS AND INTERFERENCES: Setting up satellites is so damn cool and we love it, but what if we can make some Radio-oriented satellites that can catch sounds from outer space? Add your satellite a new set of Radio Antennas and point them to the deep space, with a map-style plugin you can find some interesting spots to analyze and find science! Lot of strange sounds included. STOCK-A-LIKE PLANETS AND MOON SOUNDS: KSP music is very good, but it would be cool to implement some custom music for every location. Immagine hearing a soft and desolating pad when you are stranded on the Mun, or some ancient choirs in the background while exploring Duna. That can give an incredible emotional impact on the players. AUDIO TOOLS: Using audio for many tasks in ksp could be useful: alarm sound if your ship is going to flip when boosting your first stage is an idea, we could set ringtones to every dangerous situation in ksp. Something similar to Kerbal Alarm Clock but more oriented to danger and resources and less to warping. (adding radioactivity sound when crossing a Kerbalism radiation belt.. and so on) Conclusion: I don't know much about modding and i'm interested in learning Unity Audio and FMOD. bye!
  12. Hi fellows, how do you use Kerboscript? Share in this post your favorite scripts. Here's mine: -I love Kos Prop Monitor. -I like to play with a lot of totally not-useful things that make me happy, like Modular Launchpad, i have a kos script just to animate the arms, activate the engines a few seconds before the launch, and printing random stuff on console before the actual launch. -I have a boot program that simply print random stuff. -I use Kerboscript A LOT for timewarping just before the node. -I have a lovely reentry program that open my chutes, inflate the airbag, drop the heatshield and stuff like this. -i'm a terrible programmer and Action Group Extended saved my life. Your turn!
  13. Hi, big fan of ASET PROPS Ivas, i'm playing a lot with mk1-2 pod iva, it's great and full of functions. I can't understand what are these switches for, can find them in ALCOR iva too: IMAGE any ideas?