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  1. Does anyone have a .craft file for the battleship complete with the superstructure? It is kind of hard to build without instructions on which part goes where
  2. Ah, I see. Thank you for the clarification. Keep up the good work!
  3. Is the reactive armor functional at the moment?
  4. I'm having an issue with torpedoes on KSP v1.4.5: The ModuleAntiSubmarineWeapon seems to be not working; the buoyancy part won't function, and the torpedo won't follow the set depth limits. It won't propel itself either.
  5. Step 3 on the first page of the thread EDIT: I haven't touched the Plugins folder, or anything in GameData
  6. Hi, I have installed the version for KSP 1.4.5 (AFBW, and the required dependencies. However, there was no toolbar icon for the control setup, nor could I use the Shift+L shortcut. Everything was installed correctly, with the GameData folder contents in GameData and the rest of the .dlls in the same folder as the KSP executable. I am running a heavily modded instance. Could it be caused by a conflict, or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Definitely something wrong with the mod for me; still wouldn't work with all dependencies on a fresh install. EDIT 2: For some reason, reinstalling the game a second time worked; it functions now
  7. I mean I tried, and it was buggy, so I was wondering if that was because it was not updated or just some bugs that had to be fixed after the update :P
  8. This bothered me as well, and for a long time, I had given up on trying to get this feature to work. I was messing around with the config files recently, and got this feature to work properly. 1. First of all, make sure that the weapon you're using is set to use HE rounds (any round with explosive = true and tntMass > 0 in the BulletDefs (BD_Bullets.cfg)) For example, you could use 20x102mmHEBullet as the bulletType, or make a custom bullet definition with a different explosive mass, bullet mass etc. 2. Then, set weaponType = cannon instead of weaponType = ballistic in the part config 3. For the airDetonation parameters, add these lines (and get rid of the default airDetonation settings): After this, the rounds fired by the weapon should self detonate in proximity to the target. I've copied some config files and made necessary changes to duplicate some weapons with proximity detonation capability this way, and they all work wonderfully. Note that weapons with high RPM (Gatling guns, goalkeeper, other CIWS etc.) tend to not work properly with this due to the extreme rate of fire; only some of the rounds self detonate near the target craft. I used this with lower RPM weapons from other mods, like a 40mm Bofors AA cannon or a Flak38 AA cannon, which shoot at 200 rounds per minute. Might work with the Oerlikon Millenium cannon though; it doesn't shoot that fast. Hope this helps.
  9. Also, look what I found: https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/613 This, in fact, is a bug that has been addressed 6 days ago on the Issues page on GitHub. I hope this gets patched for 1.4.5, I'm moving back to that version. Many 1.6 mods are too buggy to use for me
  10. Radars do have lock, and PAC-3 missiles loaded in the Patriot launcher do engage air (confirmed, works without guard mode; as I said, Data Receiver only locks target after blank firing the first missile, even after manually locking the target on the radar vessel) Pitch and Yaw settings are at default, maxed out Patriot is connected via data link Other missiles act the same way Question: I have two vessels, one with a TWS radar, and other with Patriot+Data Receiver. Am I supposed to enable guard mode on both or just one (I have tried both, achieved confusing results, I just want to know which way is the right way) Question 2: Do I have to link both vessels' radars to each other or only Data Receiver to TWS or vice versa? (also tried both, with varying results) EDIT: Upon more testing, I have discovered that after the very first lock, the connection between the Data Receiver and TWS Radar must be severed and the reconnected for proper function of the Guard Mode with Radar guided missiles. Testing were performed under these conditions: 1. Guard mode active only on Patriot vessel 2. Data Receiver linked to TWS only, not both linked to each other I guess I can't rely on the Data Receiver; I'm gonna have to put a radar on each launcher vessel
  11. The interesting thing is, the slave turrets function won't work properly either, especially in guard mode. What I'm trying to do is create a radar site and position Patriot launchers around the KSC with Radar Data Receivers on them. However, the Patriots won't track the target, and there is no shown lock on the receiver, until I fire a missile manually (without locking). The turret then starts to behave properly. I have tried with a clean install of BDArmory and KSP 1.6, but still it wouldnt work. EDIT: Upon thorough testing, I could not get the parts with module MissileTurret to work reliably with Guard Mode. The turret just doesn't want to move. Sometimes it won't move at all, and sometimes it moves ever so slightly. Sometimes, when Guard Mode has selected a surface-to-air missile, the boresight indicator won't even show up. I can only use missiles mounted on stationary parts, I guess
  12. Well then, if it is a feature, it kinda bothers me, I wish there was a way to turn it off