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  1. ok glad to here others have augured him in too. But how do i use the "tweakscale" or find sounding rockets ?
  2. Yes I want an earth like approximation. alright after looking at other programs like "orbiter" ill buy Kerbal. Ive been watching "Everyday Astronaut" and want to play with some "tyrannical" physics. Ill try to figure it out so ill keep posting if you'll all keep helping.
  3. is "tweakscale" an add on pack type thing ? i dont own KSP yet.
  4. I think this is the right forum for this question, I've looked else where but have not found this answer. Does Kerbal allow horizontal launches from different altitudes on earth ? or just launch pads ? If not can I raise a launch pad to a 50,000 ft mountain side (though it would be stationary) ? I'm interested in the academic math and physics involved. Specifically how big (mass) a rocket would need to be to put a 3 kg payload in LEO. TY, Patrick