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  1. Yeah I'll try and replicate them, should I send them on discord or just post link on here? Edit: I've been able to recreate the issue with the shaking orbits but the maneuver node and SOI bug seems to have been resolved so I'm not sure what that was, I've got the log and video links here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1eo7k05osY5Ci7xRvPscN0nh74R0tfBjr?usp=sharing
  2. Getting a strange bug where none of the planet or moon spheres of influence appear to have any effect. I can plot a maneuver to get ~50km seperation from Borr but once I reach it I don't enter any SOI and none appears at all, have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing has fixed it, any advice? On top of this all the orbits and everything slightly shakes when in the map view - this is with Rhan as the home switch but happened when I tried Trappist-1 system (I also had the prior issue with that too).
  3. love the mod, the models are stunning - any tips for starship to stop it from rolling in a bellyflop as it tends to start oscillating for me even with smart a.s.s?
  4. I've got to ask is there any chance for a craft file w/ launch pad because this is honestly amazing? Can't wait to see what's next!
  5. Bugs I've found using 2.5x GPP + GEP (will edit if I find more): - Essentially sunset occurs before ciro sets below the horizon, seems to match up with terminator line rather than orbital sunrise/set line however I can't be 100% they line up (definitely only visual as seen in this pic as solar panels still recieve power despite visually being in the dark - https://imgur.com/a/egWVUuj) - https://imgur.com/a/d7IYjLH, https://imgur.com/a/of9QQRr - When entering Tellumo's atmosphere, all blue in the atmopshere dissapears until below the cloud layer, I'd guess a scatterer issue that may be with all bodies when entering their SOI and atmo for the first time as once below the cloud layer the issue is gone (above/below cloud layer - https://imgur.com/a/7sYTo3M) - Been playing career w/ strategia and contract configurator and everything is working properly and going well, having loads of fun love this mod guys hadn't played it for 2 years and am loving being back!
  6. Just installed GPP Rescaled to 2.5x and am getting a glitch where the KSC extension is really far off to one side, was wondering should I install KKtoSD or would that break the rescale, or should I just manually move everything over to where it should be? (image of issue) https://imgur.com/a/tytef5b
  7. Oh really awesome, can't believe I didn't notice it I use CryoEngines all the time haha, thanks a lot!
  8. Was wondering, how do you get the ReStock SSME's to use LH2/O2? I'd assume a b9partswitch patch or something but I was trying to figure it out and got nothing, thanks!
  9. Hiya, quick question, whenever I try and use this patch with KSRSS the KSC ends up, well like this: https://ibb.co/bbDF2sD https://ibb.co/S7W9PtQ Was wondering if theres' any way of fixing this, thanks! (KSP version 1.11.2, can provide logs, etc)
  10. Hiya, quick question, was wondering if you could provide a link for the patch for Katniss Cape Canaveral for KSRSS because I honestly can't find it anywhere haha? Thanks!
  11. Hey all, just wondering would this mod work with 1.11.2 because I'm wondering whether or not to start a new gamedata with this? Thanks!
  12. Ah okay will try this, thank you for the help - I'll be sure to update if I can get this to work! Edit: was able to fix it, thanks a lot!
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