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  1. Would you be open to a suggestion for a dwarf planet that could be in the Valentine system?
  2. Ok when I get home from school today I send u the pics I found 1.4.5. will try 1.4.5 for all my mods and ksp itself.
  3. Hey guys I need help. My Kerbal space program won’t work now that I have downloaded extrasolar. The game gave me a message that read “unsupported KSU version... please use 1.4.5” yet I cannot find any info about 1.4.5 P.S I also installed interstellar.
  4. What are you currently working on update wise on the valentine system? I know your finished with the planets but what other things are you trying to improve at the moment?
  5. I have a question about the valentine system. How many planets are in the system, I forgot sorry.
  6. Oh and by the way love the new lighting and textures. Keep up the great work!
  7. Sorry did not realize that extrasolar did not need suggestions anymore. I saw a video about ur mod and he said u did but it was from two years ago so it makes sense that things have changed. I’m new so I didn’t know.
  8. Hi Andrew I had an idea for a planet orbiting in the far reaches of the valentine system named (Prodi). It’s a metallic world with a big atmosphere and storms. it’s also quite large it’s 2.3 times the size of kerbin. It has three moons, (Ciphon)- a Yellow rocky world orbiting close to prodi, it’s similar to Io. The second moon (Tecara) is a icey world small and full of geysers, being simmilar to Enceladus. Finally the third and Largest moon (Pheleo) is a large moon with many craters and canyons. -GeckoNova
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