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  1. Are these testable? I took a break from KSP for a while and noticed all the new work you've done. Impressive
  2. Does the tube side go into the part like on the stock radial attachment? Maybe that is where I was miffing it up.
  3. I've decommissioned my large MOL station (after 300 days in orbit), did the Apollo style Mun and Minmus landings, and now it's time for Skylab stuff. I guess some parts and mission planning is in the works. The Hokulani-RAP Radial Attachment Point, what is it used for, and how do I fix it so it has two nodes so it is usable? P.S. those Titan parts are nice looking. What is used for the LDC Titan engines?
  4. It was a test flight that ended up being mostly right (forgot the M.O.S. control block). It's fun to fly the Bluedog Titan parts, so I figured why not keep it and put it where it needs to be.
  5. Here are some shots of my M.O.S. 250km orbit, 89.5 degree inclination, I started with the first section, on the back of a Leo pod, from KSC at 0 inclination and around 250km. A mix of Bluedog and Coatl cameras for reconna...science. After I undocked and returned the Leo capsule I forgot to add a control a control block segment, so I had to fly one up on the center section, but I had to dock it twice to have it in the right position. It was a challenge. After that began the arduous resupply mission to change the inclination. I could get close to 11 degrees per Transtage burn, so 11 fuel resupply missions. Once the inclination was set, I flew up a second M.O.S. stack with antenna dishes for some SIGINT capability. Airlock at the end. Lastly I sent up the M.W.R. (Morale, Welfare, Recreation) stack with two M.O.S hab modules and a center filled with supplies. Airlock at the end. (Thanks to Jso for helping with some MM configs) 2 science labs are cranking out a whopping couple of science per day, I'll de-orbit once it's all used up. The M.O.S. rcs blocks don't work right, they seem off.
  6. I end up using Smart A.S.S to manage the pitch and roll program of the ascent. I tried a 45 degree launch and it just goes due east. I end up flying it by eyeball and correcting with mechjeb after it's close to orbit.
  7. Maybe my settings don't work, but my Ascent guidance refuses to launch into plane of target unless the plane is 0 degrees.
  8. I have been using the Castor 4 with the small decoupler on the Atlas. Can you make a Lateraltron similar to the Titan IIIC separation motors for the skirt, where the thrust is linear from the mounting for the small boosters? The way the decoupler is set on the staged fairing puts in low on the booster and sometimes the AOA is less than ideal and there have been some banging after separation.
  9. The Agena Docking Port bottom node is magenta/pink and not textured. My apologies if this is intentional.
  10. The Star-37 seems to be a bit fatter than the barrel of the Burner 2, after decoupling the spent motor it gets about 1/3rd of the way out and just lingers. It would be cool to discard it but it probably stayed put in real life. I forgot to add I used an Atlas-Vega with a double Vega tank as the launcher. For the Minmus trip, I used the Castor-4 boosters for some more d-v. I haven't unlocked the Centaur roll control so I staged the LR-101 to fire after booster skirt separation, a Kerbalesque approach to solving a problem. It is really well designed that everything fits and works so well while looking amazing.
  11. Awesome! I love the Burner 2 kit(MSPB-II) upper stage kit, I plugged in a Staara-37(Star-37) motor in the base. Then I tried to sneak in a decoupler to gain some extra d-v by discarding the Star-37, but it just wobbled in there like a loose tooth and I I couldn't shed the dead mass. It works great to power my Ranger probe with some Mercury parts(Heatshield and Parachute pack) to the Mun and back for re-entry and recovery. I even got one out to Minmus with it. I started using a 2.5 scaled system with the atmosphere out to 85k. It's like a whole new game!
  12. Those new models are exquisite. The Leo(Gemini) parachute RealChute compatibility config has the wrong name. It needs to be bluedog_Gemini_Parachute_A in the first line, for the Real Chute to work.
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