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  1. Allow me to apologize up front if my question seems silly. Bear with me. I would like to create approaches for the runways in RSS and the accompanying Actual Sites: Airports mod. Granted, it would only be the ones I fly to when I fly there. At any rate, I followed the default flight plans to try my hand at an approach into Cape Canaveral. I entered only the stop and flare coordinates and loaded the flight plan into Kramax. The issue I am having is, it shows the distance to the stop as 43 km (the plane was parked there) but the distance to flare was something like 13,000+ km away. I suspect the
  2. I installed this, with the patch, into KSP v1.8.1.2694 and the sky turned pink. If i install it without the patch the pink is gone however there are no clouds. Any suggestions?
  3. Hi, I have a question regarding installation. When I download the zip package from GitHub and unpack it there are three files, KSRAirports_0_0_1, 0_0_2, and 0_0_3. The same three that are listed on the GitHub page. My question is are these three zipped files all required to be installed? I ask because, when I checked them, all three appear to have identical files so unpacking them would just cause them to overwrite each other. I did not see where this was mentioned in the KSRAirportsReamMerRightTheHeckNOW.txt; which I think is a pretty snappy name by the way. XD
  4. Ah, that would make sense. As obvious as that may seem I honestly had not considered it. So, it's not that I installed something incorrectly, it's a matter of my inexperience with the game overall. Well, thank you for putting my mind at ease.
  5. So, unfortunately, I have not seen an answer to my question and I would like to try and ask it again. My question; is it normal for the sun to come up at around 12:30 (KSP day using the RSS Date Time Format mod) or could I have done something wrong during the process of installing the mod? My family and I were stationed in Florida for several years and I can attest that the sun never came up at almost 13:00 hours. I have read, during my lengthy searches, that this is a limitation of the implementation of system inclination within KSP; however, I would like to find out if that is the fact; or,
  6. Hello, let me start my first post ever on the forums by saying how much I enjoy this mod. I just picked up KSP a few weeks back and installed version 1.3.1, I'm pretty sure that's the one, with the intent of using this mod. At any rate, I have been making progress and have enjoyed myself immensely. What I wanted to ask about is the very short daylight periods compared to the unmoded version of KSP. I am using the Early Bird mod to adjust the time the sun comes up; however, the daylight period still seems to pass much to quickly. Does this sound correct due to the way system inclination was imp
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