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  1. It does work when i connect the probe of the missile via the nodes of 2 hidden Hex Multi Point Station Adapters in the plane and missile. But i want to put mine under the wings and the only way you can do that is radially. I should note that my missile does not have a gimballed engine so all the control authority comes from control surfaces. If the engine was gimballed i would have full yaw pitch and roll over the engine but no pitch or yaw with the control surfaces, I have tested this. So theres 3 possibilites 1 This is a bug and i need a newer version, 2 Its one of my mods making this happen 3 I connect it via nodes from the plane and use the move tool and move the missile under the wing
  2. Here is how its attached to the plane. https://imgur.com/oMsxKOV Once it has dropped and I switch it has "full control", but I only have roll and no pitch or yaw. For me to have full control of it i need to click the probe and click control from here. I can also turn on the engine right after it drops. I cant make the probe the root part because i cant attach it radially. Ultimately I don't want the probe core visible at all I just tested while typing this. I put elevators and a rudder on some boosters that are radially attached to a rocket and the exact same thing happened. So im guessing this is a bug that probably has been fixed in a later version. Im on 1.3.1 because probably half my mods wouldn't work on the new version.
  3. When i decouple my cruise missile it only has partial control. I have to click the probe core and click control from here to get full control. By then it has already hit my plane and is going into a dive. Usually the probe core would be hidden in the rocket but i had to make it visible to get control over it. Is there a mod that help me with this?