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  1. Can't belive no-one else spotted this, but- there is an easier way to get the extra "Flying over(biome)" EVA report... Once the capsule chute is fully deployed (airspeed c.5m/s) but before touchdown, click EVA then rightclick Bob and get an EVA report as he hangs onto the capsule, then go back in. It'll count as flying. Have to say, this is a great resource; I've just started my first ever playthrough (science mode) and though I'm not following to the letter, it's a great way to see what you can do to get started.Two missions in and I've scraped together enough science to build the surface rover, although the first test drive resulted in the first "unplanned explosive disassembly" of the campaign.* *headed across the grass towards Admin, running nicely on 75% throttle: just thinking "slow down a bit, perhaps" when a wheel clipped something and she went flipp KABOOM rollrollroll boombangabangboomboom. Things had more or less stopped exploding as we slid past the flagpole, but by the time she came to a stop on the lawn outside the Astronaut Centre there was literally nothing left but the cockpit module- upside down on the grass like the Tomb of the Unknown Kerbal...